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  • t1n0 Level 1 Level 1

    I too, came accross this problem. If your only choice is to try many passwords, I suggest doing it on the iTunes application, where you uncheck, and therefore 'remove' the encryption setting. The backup section can be found by selecting your device on the left and it will be on the 'Summary' page. If you don't see your device listed on the left of iTunes, start by selecting "View', -> "Show sidebar". If you can't see the menu, in the top right corner of iTunes, there's is a little square that and select "Show Menu Bar". (I may be stating the obvious, but neither were shown on mine, so trying to find my phone and backups was all the more frustrating during this episode.)
    It will prompt you for the correct password. The only advantage to this method is that repeated attempts are quicker than entering passwords when prompted during a restore.

    It seems I have entered the correct one bc iTunes started a fresh, unencrypted backup....and since it takes quite a while, I thought I would use that time to pass this on.
    Good luck.


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  • guerrillero Level 1 Level 1

    Please someone help me i need to restore my iphone and i cant because i dont remember putting a password.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    Read the other messages in the thread you posted to and become enlightened.

  • LA Musician Level 1 Level 1

    Indeed, the forgotten encryption password on iTunes on my computer seems to be the password from my old Apple ID, which I have not entered manually on this computer. iTunes seems to remember the first password used.

  • Schmittee11 Level 1 Level 1

    This is something that worked for me(I own a MacBook Pro and sync my iPhone to it).  I used my computer password for the account that my iTunes is on.  So I am saying that the password to login to your computer account is the password I used to unlock the backup for my previous phone that I had saved.  And I had not setup a password encrypted backup. I hope this works for you guys

  • JonathanBoy Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure why Apple is still sending me notices about this, it was a simple fix. Go to settings, General and delete any profiles. Password gone. Resolved. Thanks anyway.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    That's a simple fix if the backup is encrypted by a corporate security policy.


    You will keep getting notices every time someone posts to the thread until you go to the top of any page and click "Stop email notifications"

  • Lake_Otter Level 1 Level 1

    Here is why I respectfully disagree with Lawrence Finch:


    1.) I have set no passwords for my device.


    2.) I have no passwords that are only four digits, and never have.


    3.) This began after a system update.


    4.) Mine is a private device.


    5.) It happened several months after my most recent sync, which I know because it took several months to raise the cash to fix my computer. (I have not synced it since fixing my computer.)


    6.) It is progressive. Initially only iCloud and Messaging were greyed out. Now social media are. I discovered this when an app I use every day that connects with Facebook ceased being able to connect to Facebook.


    Software can have many seemingly illogical problems. I worked in complex relational database design years ago and it was astonishing what could happen and what might be required to fix it. Here is one example: At that time, Oracle was developing modules at an insane rate and had so many that it was not practical to test every configuration. With their help, it took months to figure out how to install the modules we had in order to have the. function properly and eliminate problems such as, any postal code (or other numeric data field) that began with 809 would be rejected and the record could not be saved. Like something out of Apollo13, there was a magic order that had to be discovered through trial and error. Oracle didn't know how to do it and we worked down the street from them, so we collaborated. They later used the process WE designed to help other customers.


    Your certainty suggests to me a faith in software that is under-informed.

  • ITL0wey Level 1 Level 1

    Hi folks just thought I'd add my 2c.


    I'm an IT Manager and have been using IPhones for some years now in our enterprise.


    We enforce encrypted backups using a policy for all corporate users who need to access their emails.


    I just had a user needing to update our enterprise app and when I went to update their Iphone I got the dreaded

    Could not set the encrypted password error.


    Now we record all of the encrypted backup  passwords centrally so that we don't have the inconvenience of having to set up iphones from scratch every 5 minutes when a user forgets their backup password (we do this because we got fed up with it after many many attempts to crack backup passwords).


    Anyway this particualar case - the user had oversnapped with the photos and run out of storage on the phone. Hence the backup would not start - it was asking for the password over and over again.


    Cleaned out the photos and voila - it works as expected.


    Hope this helps.

  • marinayvonne Level 1 Level 1

    No. This does not work. Did you ever find out how to deal with this?

  • ITL0wey Level 1 Level 1

    Hi marinayvonne,


    If you were referring to my post above then yes I did deal with it.


    I would add that there was some Itunes content on the phone that had corrupted and prevented the phone from backing up.

    The backup would stop on the corrupt content so it was relatively easy to find it then delete it from the phone.

    Once the backup was successful I was able to do the IOS upgrade and restore the phone using the password.


    Good luck

  • dhavalcjoshi Level 1 Level 1

    This really saved me!!! I was trying all sort of passwords but it never occured to me that I should try my old apple id password.


    Thanks a bunch!

  • GaryMonster Level 1 Level 1

    This one has had me stumped for so long now and it seems the only way to resolve it is too reset my phone and that's worrying me with what I may lose and how much I might have to set up again (but it's looking less time consuming than either a brut force crack or waiting for Apple to at least enable you to reset it some way!).


    I have spent hours on the phone to Apple, and they said that although the encryption is in that file it's also stored on the phone - I assumed this as I deleted all my backups and thought it might allow me to turn encryption off without a password, but nope!


    I did set a password which I thought I would remember, yeah right - so I thought! ... and done it on a old windows PC which is now dead, since then I've now gone Mac Mini.


    After being on the phone to Apple Support and being told of the reset, I then purchased Software to hack it and let me know what it was, this was flaky and their list of words that you put in a file to check didn't work right, I contacted the Software Company and they said there was a bug, I sent them my files and they couldn't crack it either. - So be warned if you go down the brute force route it can take weeks to crack if you don't have any clues to what it could be!


    Where am I now ... hoping that something will pop back into my head on what it was OR Apple will allow a Password reset someway without wiping the phone! ... Coming from a software development role myself, it's not that hard to do but I suspect as its security its not going to happen!


    There's a few things since having my Mac Mini I've encountered with Apple, I went for the ease of use but when you do hit problems ... they ARE PROBLEMS and take more time than not to resolve!


    So if I reset ... are the Contacts etc sync'd back OK when I plug it into iTunes or will it wipe the ones on my Mac as there are none on my phone? ... I can live with losing settings, music, etc as I can add those back in but my main concerns is resetting the phone and getting Contacts back?


    I'm certainly going to draw up a recovery plan for this one!

  • jfaughnan Level 3 Level 3
    Mac OS X

    This is why we are all having so much trouble with this:



    The blog post includes two techniques for password recovery mentioned in this long thread -- if you are a Mac user. (I only tested the Keychain recovery option and it worked -- though by then I figured out my problem).


    Apple should update their tech note on encrypted passwords to clarify the issue (passcode on phone is unrelated to password on iTunes). One problem is you set this password once and may never see it again. Serial number changes bring up the password request ...


    There really are some usability issues here.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    Good to see the blogger actually read this thread, where all of that information has been posted multiple times.


    However, it missed the fact that if you have a MS Exchange account the pasword requirement may have been placed on the phone you your IT administrator, and the password is probably the domain password for your work computer at the time you added the Exchange account.

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