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I'm really going crazy with my iphone.

since a software update last week, my wifi connection at home is not working anymore.

I've tried everything described on the support side and things I found here in the forum, as

1. Tap Settings > WiFi > Other network
2. Enter the name of the network you are trying to log onto
3. Tap Security and tell the iPod what type of security the network is using
4. Tap Password and enter the network password


If this still doesn't work, reset your network settings (tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network settings and try the steps above again once the iPhone restarts.


my router at home is from linksys...

as I said, until last week, it worked properly without any problems...

now, the iphone only finds my wifi and asks for the password and after typing it I always geht the info, that network connection failed...

I have no ideas anymore what I can do and would highly appreciate your help

Asus Notebook, Windows Vista, Iphone 3G
  • Thomas Bryant Level 6 Level 6 (13,865 points)
    Hi! Have you tried choosing "forget this network"? Then turn wifi off and then back on then select the network and enter password. Tom
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,385 points)
    Have you experienced a problem connecting to any other wi-fi networks that you have access to since installing firmware update 3.0?

    If not, have you checked Linksys's website to see if a firmware update is available for your wireless router model that you haven't installed?

    Have you tried re-setting your wireless router? If not, disconnect any computer(s) from your wireless network - turn wi-fi access off or power your computer(s) off. Turn your wireless router off followed by turning your modem off. Wait a few minutes followed by reversing this. Power your modem back on allowing it to completely reset followed by powering your wireless router back on allowing it to completely reset with the modem. This one may be a long shot, but you never know.