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Would love some help

Every time I connect my external monitor my mouse will stick every 4 sec for less than a half sec (not exact but it it's doing it in a repeating pattern).. If I unplug it it stops and when I plug it back in in starts again.

4 day old imac 10.5.7 fully updated 2009 CTO Ati 4850 4gigs ram 1tb storage.

I tested all of my peripherals on 3 other mac's including new 8 core and mini and it works just fine (even when I connect the DELL monitor.
Also, tried to do a mirror instead of extended desktop and the problem persists

peripherals include Intouse3 Wacom with latest driver (I thought that was the issue so I tried older drivers and uninstalled them). Mighty mouse USB and keyboard w numeric keypad

External monitor is a new dell "24 1920 1080 monitor

Thanks it would be awesome if I didn't have to lug this thing down to Gen bar

Imac 2009 3.06 Ati 4850 1tb 4gb RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.7), Few days old
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