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I just very recently got an iPhone, and I would like to import my playlists from WMP to iTunes as easy as possible. I searched and see many threads about how to import your entire music library into iTunes (just point to the folder), but how can I import my playlists?

I read I can go into WMP, and manually select a playlist, put it into the Now Playing list, then export the playlist (having to manually type the filename for each one). Then I would have to go to iTunes and import that file. This would take far too long given the number of playlists I have.

Is there any easier way to export each playlist from WMP or just import them as simply as possible into iTunes?

Thanks in advance!

iphone 3G 16GB, iPhone OS 3.0
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    Ok, I found the Playlist folder where all my playlists are saved in .wpl format by WMP.

    Now, in iTunes when I go to File > Library > Import Playlist and select any of the .wpl files, nothing happens...any ideas?
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    Ok, so after some more searching, I've learned that .wpl playlists are proprietary to WMP.

    Does anyone have a way to convert .WPL files into .M3U in bulk? I have over 100 playlists and doing it manually is not going to be fun...
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    I googled the phrase,
    .wpl converter
    and it looks like there are some utilities out there to do this. I haven't tried any of them, though.