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I'm new to the iPhone... I downloaded several apps yesterday and they all worked beautifully. Then today we went out to Mom and Dad's house and none of those apps worked! When I got home, they all worked again. Specifically, I tap an app to open it and it opens for a flash and then closes again.

What am I doing wrong? Does it have something to do with that Airport setting (unsure of what that is).

3gs, iPhone OS 3.0
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    Airport setting? Do you mean you have it in the Airplane mode? If so, why?

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    I don't have it in Airplane mode but I thought that might help... now I just read through the manual and realize Airplane mode is not related to this at all! Still unsure why my apps wouldn't open away from home though?

    I did deauthorize my iTunes and reauthorized it... not sure if that worked until I get away from home again.

    Any other ideas?
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    Which apps specifically are not working? Generally whether they work or not should not depend on your location. Some do require access to the data network -- things like Maps -- which can be via wi-fi or EDGE or 3G; so if you have no access (as in the Airplane mode) there can be problems.

    Things like Calculator, Camera, Photos, Note and Calendar should work no matter where you are. Do they?

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    Ya I'm havin some what of the same problem but yet even at home the apps I've downloaded won open everything worked fine for the first few weeks but then the other day they wouldn't open but then they opened and were fine but now I'm having the same problem again why is that it's only the apps that I've downloaded though
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    I just encounter the same problem today. All downloaded applications will just flash out and the close by itself.

    Need help here.
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    I have just managed to get the application re-open again. What I have done was to go to app store and install another free application. After the installation, it works again. Hope it helps.
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    I have try to re-store sevaral times... downloading new app. and so on and son... not not fixed.

    Apple people don't delete my postes!
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    I am having the same issue - doesn't matter where I am. It is VERY frustrating, as I was using the Kindle App to read. Now can't open my book that I purchased. Please don't tell me this is what I get for getting into buggy Apple products - I'm a newbie. Where can we get help??