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I'd know if it is possible to use an App on two different iphone. I'm going to buy a new iphone 3GS and leave the old one (3g) to my brother. Can I leave him the iphone with all the apps I buied and copy them also to the new device or must I buy them again for the new iPhone? Or it is possible to cancel them from the oldone and transfer them to the newone?

iPhone, iPhone OS 3.0
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    Since your brother will likely have his own iTunes account, your brother will need to purchase any paid apps himself with his own iTunes account for the iPhone you give him.

    Apps are in your iTunes library on your computer. Apps will transferred from your iTunes library on your computer to your new iPhone, not from your existing iPhone to your new iPhone.
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    I have two iphones and two iPod touches all on the same computer with the same account. We buy it once and it will work on all for ( Thank GOD too, I real didn't want to pay for the Tinker Bell game 4 times).