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I just replaced my iPod touch with an iPhone and find that I cannot manually manage my music on my work computer. When I first purchased the phone I did a sync to my iMac at home and got some of my music onto my iPhone. When I came to work today, music in my library at work was grayed out and I am unable to put it on my iPhone. I realize that Apple takes file sharing seriously and the only music I have is music I have legally purchased either through iTunes or from CD's bought at the store.
Now with that said, I don't remember ever having a problem like this on my iPod. As of recent, I purchased music from iTunes on my iMac and was able to play it on my computer at work through my iPod. All I want to be able to do is to manually put music on my iPhone at work and play songs without having to have them on my work computer.
If anyone can direct me to a solution on this I would be very appreciative. Sorry about the long post.

iPhone 3GS, Windows XP Pro
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    Sorry, but an iPhone can only be synched to one iTunes library. Manual management with an iPhone only allows you to control what gets synched to the iPhone; unlike other iPods it doesn't allow the iPhone to be synching with multiple computers. You'll need to copy all the tracks, etc. that you want to have on your iPhone to whichever computer you'll be using to synch with the iPhone.
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    Wow, so if I buy a track on itunes at work, I cannot put it on my iPhone until after I get home and put that same track on my iMac?

    Thats just silly, but then again I guess I could just buy the track on the iPhone itself and problem solved. Only issue there is that if I bought a music cd, put it in my itunes at work and then I would not be able to put that music on my iPhone until I got home. Blah...
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    There's another thread on this as well ...

    The problem is that I *don't* want to *sync* to 2 different computers ... I just want to play the music or videos directly from my iPhone on a computer running iTunes.

    Seems this doesn't violate any copyrights or Apple's authorization scheme as the music or video is never copied to the computer in question. Fundamentally all I want to do is use the computer as an external display (or speakers). If I can do this through an iHome or Bose sound-dock or any of the 100's of accessories that support the iPod/iPhone connector, why can't I do it on my PC???
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    " I just want to play the music or videos directly from my iPhone on a computer running iTunes."

    Sorry, not a feature of iphone.

    "why can't I do it on my PC???"

    Because this is not a feature of iphone.