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Lost sound on my Mac.
Checked systems preferences sound on. Start up sound is missing. checked output port and ear phone jacks. Un plugged both jacks G4 speakers no start up sound. Insert DVD Movie plays but no sound.
Ran Disk utility from Installer Repaired Disk says disk OK. All applications work. The normally loud music in iDVD when opening a new iDVD has no sound.

I think I have a hardware problem


PowerPC G4 Dual 1.25GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1 GB Memory
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    Speaker Volume setting is stored in PRAM memory, so try a reset.

    Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM

    How old is your internal memory battery? It may be weak & needs replacement.

     Cheers, Tom

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    The battery is 15 months old.

    I reset the PRAM by removing the battery for 10 minutes as suggested by Mac Help. When you use the keyboard method you need the Startup sound to know when to use the Command -Option P -R keys . It did not work. When I reinstalled the battery the preference panel reset the clock automatically.

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    When I reinstalled the battery the preference panel reset the clock automatically.

    And the sound...?

    Do you get sound when plugging in headphones? I don't know about this model but some computers if it still think there are speakers or headphones there it won't play sound through the internal speaker.
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    No sound from earphones or from sound output jack on the back of computer. No Startup chime during start up. I have an appointment at the Apple Store Genius bar for Thursday to have it checked out.

    I’ll let you know what happens.
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    Losing startup sound too sounds more fundamental. Later sounds are related to the operating system but startup sound happens before the system loads.
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    All is well;
    Took my mac to Apple Store Genius Bar
    The tech guy plugged it in and we started by pressing the power button and the startup chime worked we went to iTunes and played the Mac speaker work so we tested earphone jack and the out put jack; they all worked.
    I took my Mac home and hooked up my peripherals touched the startup button on my 20 inch Apple Cinema Display. No startup chime and no sound I unplugged peripherals tried again no sound.
    Then I remembered at the Genius Bar we started the Mac with the startup button on the front of the Mac. So I tried starting up using the button on the Mac and my sound returned to the speaker and the earphone and out put jacks.

    I thought at first my Mac wanted a ride in my car, But it seems that the link from display to computer is at fault.
    So it looks like I’m OK; I asked the tech guy what it would cost to fix it when it finally went out.
    He told me that my G4 is considered obsolete and they don’t repair them.
    At age 79 it still may out live me.

    Old Jarhead
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