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    Which version of iTunes do you run on all these machines? I have never had problems with iTunes 9.0.2 and iTunes 9.2.1 I am using on two of my Macs (both running OS 10.4.11). The only version with which I have problems is iTunes 10.3.1 that was native to my Lion based MacBook Pro: with this version the radio stream stops about 3-4 times within 3 hours I usually run it, while it runs uninterruptedly on my older machines I mentionned above (using different versions of iTunes 9)! I haven't upgraded to 10.5.3 or even 10.6.1 yet to see if this could solve the problem.

  • Eleni1 Level 1 Level 1

    How many hours of seamless streaming do you mean? I have a Lion based MacBook Pro with iTunes 10.3.1 and when I run a stream for about 3 hours it will stop 3-4 times (the stream starts again normally, if i press "stop" on the "rebuffering stream" window that appears and then press "play"). The same stream runs uninterruptedly on my older Macs (both Tiger based) with iTunes 9.0.2 and 9.2.1.

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    I too experience iTunes (10.6) dropping the radio stream but mine occurs after 1 hr 10 min (+/- 1 min). This is on iMac with OS 10.5.8. If I click the radio station on the genre list I get an error message that iTunes cannot find the AE that the speakers are connected to. I can then close down iTunes, just a regular shut down no force quit, restart and everything in fine... for another hour and 10 minuets. This has been going through several iTunes upgrades.

    No problems streaming video.

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    My iTunes Radio streams stop streaming then hangs the program. I have to quit and restart iTunes, but cannot launch any radio streams. I'm using Vista Home Premium sp2. I don't believe anything has changed in my LAN...this started a couple days ago. Any ideas?

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    I called Apple Support with this problem today and they said they could find no documentation of such a problem. Now that I'm looking around I see I'm definitely not alone. Got a MBA a couple months ago and it can't play audio streams at all. It plays for a bit, sometimes a minute, sometimes 20, then goes to permanent rebuffering. Even if I'm getting 20mb DL speed (via Speakeasy) and all my videos stream perfectly, audio on iTunes is a fail.  I thought I might be able to DL an earlier version but I don't think they have ones before 10, and Mountain Lion might not work with them anyway. How do I let Apple know this is a common problem? Perhaps they would have a solution.

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    Add me to the list of people with I tunes streaming problems. Running the latestest everything, iMacs, Mountain Lion, latest updates on all apple software. The station I want will just drop out and iTunes will change channels, all by itself, to the radio station directly below the one I was listeneing to.


    This is on a wired ethernet system with 50 mb down speeds and 5 mb up speeds. I stream HD movies with Apple TV all the time and never have any problems.


    Wake up Apple. You have a problems and it is iTunes.

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    If Apple say they have no record of this issue, it is because they have chosen not to document the many hundreds of people who have contacted them about this. In my estimation it has been happening since around iTunes 7 or 8, certainly for a long time for me. I get it both in the UK and France, where I have different ISP's, and different wireless modem routers. I get it whether I use my Apple Wireless Network, Netgear or Draytek. In the UK I am on a 3mbps ADSL system. In France I am on a 10 mbps ADSL/2 system. In the France I am using an MBP on Mountain Lion, in the UK an iMac on Lion. The only thing in common is iTunes. I could not get Doug's Nudge stream to work consistently (some days fine, some days not), so like others, I now stream via VLC, which works a treat.



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    This is so annoying.


      Model Name:Mac Pro
      Model Identifier:MacPro1,1
      Processor Name:Dual-Core Intel Xeon
      Processor Speed:

    2.66 GHz


    Itunes 11.0.1 (12)


      System Version:  Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)


    Internet Connection: Time Warner Cable RoadRunner through traditional home ethernet modem setup.


    When I am streaming radio, it will be fine and then just occur out of nowhere. The stream will either stop with no rebuffer, or jump to the next stream, depending on station. When it happens, it happens over and over, until I get so frustrated I just click it off. The next day all may be fine, although I did not reboot or even relaunch the iTunes application. This never used to happen, but is now a regular occurence. I cannot pinpoint whether it is a function of the internet connection, or a system/software problem. I did recently update to Snow Leopard, but I also will have gaps in internet connection from RR that last from one to five minutes. So I'm throwing this out there to see if there are any similarities and ask if there are any specific tests I can run to find the culprit here. I suspect it is the internet feed, but don't know how to verify.


    Is there a way to increase buffer so that the gaps can't occur?

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    This is my first sign-in and and post; I have been searching all the forums about this for a long time, and nothing ever seems to get worked out with this problem. SO, after a ton of trial and error on my own, I have come across something that actually appears to be working for me.


    Quick system info:


    Airport Extreme running dual wireless networks for Apple TV, iPhones, iPad, laptops. Ethernet connection from this Extreme strung haphazardly through windows and up side of house to older Airport Extreme (looks like a boob) for a 3rd Wifi network. Old iBook G4 with 50,000+ songs in iTunes (7.4.2) library connected to 3rd WiFi network. iTunes on this iBook playing continuous random shuffle of the entire library, streaming to an older Express which is connected to a receiver and speakers. Basically I just want this library to always be playing and shuffling as I have so much music. When I turn on the receiver, I want to hear music playing. Simple. Well, I was having the usual dropouts, or iTunes would get hung up and stop the stream, whatever. After I couldn;t think of anything else to try, in the speaker-selection area at the bottom right of the iTunes window, instead of just choosing the Airport Express for the stream, I chose Multiple Speakers so it was going to the iBook AND the Express (muting the speakers on the iBook).......


    ......been steadily streaming now for several days without so much as one dropout. Constantly. I think I win.

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    I don't think your streaming problem is the same one we are discussing. Yours was an outwards streaming issue (and a lot of us have had those as well - in my case cured by upgrading from an Airport Express G to an N and updating all the Airport firmware). It is inwards internet radio streaming we are having problems with and iTunes failing to rebuffer, after the signal has dropped.


    In the last few weeks, I have been using VLC as a radio streaming program and although this is much better, it is not 100% immune to the same re-buffering issue. VLC also has the irritating feature of not remembering the last stream played when you close and re-open it. I would have thought that Lion would have done this automatically and I certainly have not declared VLC in the "Remember Me Not" app. I have saved my most commonly listened-to streams as a playlist but you still have to open this each time from file/recent items.



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    this is why i don't post to these things.... i'm a moron.

    plus, woke up this morning and my streaming had stopped to the Express, so clearly I do NOT win. LIke a misguided, geeky Charlie Sheen....

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    Hello. First time poster so be gentle. As much as I would love to blame Apple, in this case it appears our frustrations could be misguided. I hate the new Itunes as much as the next guy however, I've been running some tests for several weeks now and this is what I found. Both ITunes and VLC suffer from the rebuffering problem, for me anyway. Some stations work better than others which leads me to question, could be the hosts be the cause of the problem? I'm wondering if, as Internet radio is becoming more popular and more people are logging on to stations that they just can't handle the demand? I don't think it's my ISP, I regularly have torrents running (not at the same time) or YouTube or whatever with no issues. Brand new router, replaced because of this rebuffering BS so I'm pretty sure it's not that.

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    It appears I may have spoken to soon. My problem is two fold. I have since discovered that my ISP provide a terrible service and has been "upgrading" my connection for the last 4 weeks. Indeed my phone line crackles and pops excessively. However ITunes wil not reconnect once the internet connection comes back. I actually have to crash it by "end process" in the task manager. Shocking design flaw. At least VLC will reconnect when the service is back up.

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    I was having the same problem with internet radio streams stopping in itunes, but I seem to have solved it by turning on repeat for the stream.  Every now and then there is slight pause when the connection seems to drop, but it automatically re-connects and starts playing again.  Before turning on repeat I couldn't get more than 4 minutes of playtime.  Right now I am at a half hour and counting. Hopefully this will work for some folks.

  • gobo2001 Level 1 Level 1

    notsomac, you, sir, are a genius. that completely solved the problem on my end. now, if apple could incorporate that little gem into the software....