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I've had my iPhone 3GS 32GB one week and two days. I love it to bits, it's fantastic. First thing I did was buy a case to protect it and I've babied it immensely. It has been working beautifully, even all day today.

However about 2 hours ago I was firing off a text (at about 50% battery I might add) when it suddenly vibrated ferociously and shut off completely. I thought maybe there was an error in the batter charge so I plugged it into my laptop: "very low battery" charging screen appeared so I waited about 30 minutes to see if it would go away and it didn't. I unplugged it (it asked me to reconnect to charge and shut off within about 3 seconds) and tried the wall socket charge: same thing. Tried charging it on my pc: same thing.

Yes I am using the new itunes software, I waited for the battery to charge, etc. But the bottom line is it will not turn on, and it does not appear to charge at all either.

I cannot see the device in iTunes, or in device manager, or explorer, or anywhere when it's connected.

Did my battery short or something spontaeneously fry internally? What is going on?

iPhone 3GS 32GB, Windows Vista
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    Try powering OFF using top button.

    If that does not work try a reset: Top and front buttons for 10 sec or so simultaneously.

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    Thank you very much Sir, unfortunately I find it extremely difficult to turn off when I cannot in fact turn it on. Doing the reset when it is at the charging screen (the only thing it displays right now and the level hasn't moved from minimum for almost 3 hours) results in the screen turning off completely, then when released, returning to the minimally charged charging screen.
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    i have the same problem... my iphone wont even charge, i dunno why but it happened after i updated to the latest firmware (not entirely sure of the problem); it seems like whenever i plug my iphone to the electric socket or usb in my pc... it doesnt charge at all... and battery remained in 25% and i even replaced it with the new usb iphone cable and charger...
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    At least you get 25%, I appear permanently stuck at 0 and therefore it will not work at all. I hear things about not charging when overheated - I haven't seen a temperature warning - but I'm going to stick it in the fridge for a few minutes and try charging again.
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    iphone... overheated when over-charged...? i never knew that... but i think it never happen to me before... coz i only charge it for not more than 2hrs... strange though... i only experienced this problem "not charging" after the 3.0 firmware update on my iphone... alright, i noticed something strange again, i remembered charging my iphone last night for bout roughly 2hrs... only used it like 3-4x to send an sms then right after i let it on standby mode (so which means; i never touched it, never used it after that) so this morning the battery was left on 25% when i checked it...

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    Did you try connecting it to the computer to charge/see what shows up in iTunes? If the iPhone shows up in iTunes, Obviously restore it. Otherwise, I would take it back to the Apple Store.
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    Thank you, that is exactly what I was going to do as I have the day off work Wednesday.

    It does not show up in itunes on my laptop or either of my PC's, so I'm afraid I can't restore it. I have more than one charge cable and none of them work either. Very confusing!
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    yeah, i tried connecting it to my macairbook and desktop pc... the iphone was detected on both itunes... strange though that it doesnt charge... whenever its connected to either electric socket or usb... im really confused bout this problem also... restore back to previous firmware?

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    Daveinhampton - Take it back.

    I had this with mine only 5 days after purchasing it. I took it back to the Apple store and they swapped it (not without a fight though I hasten to add. Stupid 'Genius's').

    It's a hardware problem mate. Get it swapped.
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    You might want to try putting the iPhone into recovery mode (if you can).

    Try the forced power off, holding both power button and home button at the same time (you may have to try this when connected to the charger since the display works during a charge cycle) If it powers off, press and hold the home button while pressing the power button to power on. Keep pressing the home button until the connect to iTunes screen appears.

    Connect to iTunes and the iPhone should show up in recovery mode. Software will be downloaded and your unit will be rebooted etc. Do not interrupt the recovery process. It can take a long time to complete. Once completed set up your iPhone as a new iPhone and then select what stuff you want to sync to it.

    If this doesn't help, contact Applecare iPhone support for further assistance.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks, that is exactly what I'm going to do tomorrow.

    I left it on charge all night long in the AC outlet and the battery meter didn't budge, staying at minimal. Holding top and home buttons for a while has no effect while unplugged, since it appears that it can't charge or at least thinks it has no charge.

    Shame cos this is the first apple product I have ever bought and it died in 9 days. Hopefully a replacement will work much better!
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    you should make an appointment with the Genius Bar to have your 3GS replaced. It could be a bad apple.
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    Thank you, that's exactly what I did, appointment tomorrow morning. Left in on charge all night for about 9 hours and didn't budge either, something is seriously wrong.