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Hi Folks,
I imported a short (3 min.) home movie into my Movie Folder (.mp4) in iTunes for Windows. It appears in iTunes just fine, and it PLAYS - in iTunes - just fine.
Trouble is...when I attmept to sync my U2 Video iPod, the Title for that home movie is in gray - not black like the others. I check the box so this movie will sync, I hit the sync button...and it does NOT transfer to the U2 iPod.
All other movies (w/titles in BLACK) transfer/sync just fine. The one in GRAY does not.
I did try the "Make an Apple Ipod Version" i.e. Convert...and the file it creates (.mv4) exhibits the same behavior: it shows up in my Movie folder, I can play it WITHIN iTunes for Windows, but the Title of said movie is in GRAY when I attempt to sync and it will NOT transfer. Please help! Anyone? Thanks!

Home built Core i7 920 OC to 3.2Ghz, Windows XP, 2.5 GB RAM available to Windows (32-bit)