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I am trying to register a copy of iWork 09 that I purchased from Amazon. To do that, I need the MPN (Marketing Part Number). Unfortunately, I can't find it. The help on the registration page talks about it being on the iWork packaging. No such luck, no such number. I looked in the System Profiler, it does not match the instructions on the help page (no tabs exist).

So... is it even necessary to register the product? If so, short of taking the computer and packaging all the way to an Apple store, is there some other way of getting this elusive MPN?

Confused in Maryland.

MacBook White, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    The marketing part number is definitely on the box. The family pack box has a blue triangle with the words family pack in the upper right corner. On the bottom of the box is the marketing part number. The family pack box is MB943Z/A & again says family pack. The single license is MB942Z/A.

    You can also get the marketing numbers of any Apple product by adding an item to your cart in the online Apple Store (you can always delete it). Unfortunately I don't know of another way to get the number unless you know someone with a box.

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    It turns out that there was supposed to be a barcode sticker on the iWork box that had apparently fallen off or was never pasted on. In any case, the Apple store provided the number to me and it registered fine.

    Thanks for the help!