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Hello All,

Sorry for the re-post but I never got to the very bottom of this and thought I would start another topic. I was able to confirm that he Apple Universal dock (Model MA045G/A or A1153) does seems to work well with my iPhone in that I get Audio out and it charges the phone, even though I do get the message "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone" when I plug the phone into the dock

I haven't tried Video out and would be amazed if that worked but as far as charging and playing audio through the audio out port, it seems to be working OK. It has charged the iPhone from 32% to 70% in about 30 minutes which seems very reasonable. The question remaining now, is whether I am harming the iPhone and in particular, the battery in any way by charging using a lower voltage of 3.3v which is what is shown on the base of the dock?

I have called Apple support on this but I didn't get the impression that they fully knew the answer to this or at least, I am not convinced. I also asked someone at a Genius bar about this to which they said when you charge via your computer, you are using a lower voltage than 5v anyhow so it should not be a problem. I then went and researched this and found many an article that USB charging from the computer is actually at 5v - so much for the Genius!

Therefore, wanted throw this out there to anyone who has good knowledge on power/electronics to be able to kindly advise if this would be a problem in any way. I understand that undercharging is safer than overcharging which is my case. However, if I am not providing the right voltage which I believe should be at 5v, am I harming the battery in another way?

Thanks in advance for any feedback...


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