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Hi I have bought an iphone 3G op sys 3 and would like to send all of my photos over to it from my wifes motorola razor. The razor finds the iphone and asks for a passkey to bond, I have tired 0000 and 1234 to no avail. . . any ideas?


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    This is not a feature of iphone. Iphone does not support file transfer via bluetooth.

    Iphone will stream music to bluetooth headphones and will provide telephone functions to a bluetooth headset or handsfree device.
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    You can plug your Razr into your computer via USB. Once you do that, you can look at the file structure of the Razr and copy the photos over that way. Once that is done you can sync the photos to your iPhone in the same manner you would any photos. The iPhone does not support bluetooth transfers of data at this time.
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    Thanks if I had known this about the bluetooth I would have stuck with the vario, I was told by the sales people that version 3 software would allow for this.
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    The bluetooth paring on the iPhone for the v3.0 software changed by adding stereo headset support and also tethering for those carriers that support it. It never talked about transfering files via bluetooth. Given the size of files it could take an extended period of time. Transfering via the computer would work better. I believe that is one of the reasons they do not support syncing the iPhone with iTunes via bluetooth.