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  • zacfromportland Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the queue. I've had the restart problem on and off for over two years. It seems to go away after doing something major like installing new hardware. I almost never shut down this Mac as it is running BOINC software. It is, as others have said, when I do shut down or restart that I begin having problems. I just recently tried the Power Saver reset to default and will see what happens. I have replaced a loud and easily dust-clogged video card with a newer quiet one, added a UPS, did a clean OS install, zapped NVRAM, opened and cleaned out dust, unplugged my printer from USB (leaving it connected via the slower ethernet option).


    I work from home and this Mac Pro 1,1 from 2006, bought refurbished in 2008, is my work machine and it needs to, well, work. If it continue to happen, these random restarts, I'm going to dedicate myself to making some Apple employee's life a living ****. I'll drive to Cupertino and dump my Mac Pro in front of the main entrance. Perhaps then Apple will notice this thread. I wonder if we have enough users for a class-action lawsuit.


    Actually, before I do that, I will consider purchasing new memory. That will be my last-ditched effort.


    By the way, I was booted off an alternate start-up disk, running Disk Doctor, and it restarted there too.

  • Cacus Level 1 Level 1



    Have you replaced the small battery on the motherboard? On the MP 2008 (which I have) it's a small silver disk type under the pci cards. Not sure were it is on the 2006 model.


    Any how I had major restart issues a year or so back I eventually removed all the pci cards, hard drives, ram etc removed the PRAM battery and and disconnected any batteries on any pci card (even though they were out of the machine). Unplugged the machine and pressed the power button on the front of the unit. This was in theory to discharge any capacitors in side the unit (as no power cable was connected).


    Any how the machine sat there totally power less to which I left it like that for an hour or so.


    Also I had a spare HD and decided to do a clean install of the OS. So replaced the PRAM battery and then any batteries on any PCI cards. However I did not reinstall any PCI cards initiall (apart from the Apple RAID Card which had to be installed from the ofset (and again I replaced the battery on this).


    Any way I then booted from an install disk (or usb stick) and installed the system on the clean HD. Now we have a machine as 'Apple fresh' as possible.


    Now I had the luxury of not needing the machine (productively) for about a week so I ran it in this state for a about a week not installing any 3rd party pcis and or software. Just using mail/safari etc.


    It worked fine so I then would ad say one PCI card back run it for a day or so then and somthing else. Pain of a job but it was just to see if anything other than the mach and OS was giving me an issue and by adding one at a time you'd have a rough idea what it was (especially if you get no problems for the first 'apple only' week). Cos it could even be the software.


    Any how I think the battery which cost a couple of pounds/dollars and power starving the machince is well worth ago as a aging battery will give out weak a fluxuating power signals to the board which may uspset the power controller.


    Best of luck


  • zacfromportland Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you. That sounds like a good solution and I have not tried it. I found the Apple PDF on how to remove it. And a lot cheaper to replace than the power controller. I will post with the results.

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    Well I guess it's the day. Mine's had random restarting fits during the first 30 min or less from startup so I've resorted to just leaving it on...for about half a year now! Last night it started restarting anyway so today I've got it apart.

    I've blown and sucked dust out of it (not bad) and while it's apart am cloning the main drive for backup.  I'm also replacing the CR2032 battery (I cannot find a BR2032). 

    Mine is using bootcamp and boots to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and Mac OSX 10.7 Lion. I use it in windows mode most of the time.


    Next on the list:

    "In System Preferences>Energy Saver select Restore Defaults." 
    " turn off SMC fan control"


    But I assume those steps are done in the MAC OS? How will that work since I use it in Windows Bootcamp most of the time?

  • zeratulok Level 1 Level 1

    My Mac Pro got randomly start for a long tiome, too. I'm adding my name here and reposting to keep the thread current. Any reliable help?

  • Oreocracker Level 1 Level 1

    Some of the suggestions helped for a while, but during a crash and burn job, it died. Just make sure you back up your data often on a bootable drive in case you need to go right to work if this should happen to you.

  • steveaps Level 1 Level 1

    Hi gary mine did this a while back, it turned out to be a faulty power supply inside the mac pro. Had a new one fitted under warranty now all good.

  • zeratulok Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, thanks your report!

    I have test every hardware in my Mac Pro but logic board!

    It still random restart after I change anything

    Sometimes it will restart many time in 5 min…

    Thanks your help!

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    Hi everyone,


    Also here restartproblems on my Mac Pro 3.1. I'm seem to getting them when I plugin or unplug anything om my USB ports. Even when something is plugged in and I touch the USB-cable the Mac Pro makes a restart!

    Now I have only the Apple USB Keyboard connected and still have restarts. It seems to be a big issue on the Mac Pro's. I shall change the battery on the motherboard. Maybe this makes a different.



  • Firehawk911 Level 1 Level 1

    Well, it's been a few weeks now and my early 2008 MacPro 3,1 seems to be fixed!

    I replaced the original CR2032 battery, did a more thorough compressed air cleaning of fans and everywhere I could get air into and also removed the RAM holder and pressed the RAM pieces which already seemed snug.  In order to change the battery I had to temporarilly remove the Quadro 4000 card.  Anyway that's it. It hasn't restarted since thankfully.

    I never even got so far as changing the system preferences or SMC fan control.


    I left all the USB devices attached: Bravo Disc publisher, Wacom tablet, mouse, PC keyboard, apple cinema display.


    In case it helps anyone the other devices I leave attached are: Apple mighty mouse, apple wireless keybooard, Matrox MX02 mini and sony GVD800 tape deck


    and I also sometimes attach any of 4 external seagate drives, a buffalo blu-ray writer or a logitech game controller.


    I sure am glad I found this thread.  I'd never have figured out what to do otherwise!

  • aggiepaula Level 1 Level 1

    I'm joining too so I can get updates! Mine's been randomly restarting since July 2009. I've taken it to the geek squad and the Apple store (who says there is nothing wrong with my machine!) and still haven't gotten it resolved.  3 times in the last 30 minutes and I'm ready to chunk this thing out the window. Firehawk911, I'm going to try to change the battery next.....we'll see!

  • plugsandpixels Level 1 Level 1

    I may have replied earlier in this thread with my experience with a 2007 Mac Pro 2,1 but here is an update:


    As I write (from a different computer!) I am getting random restarts every 5 minutes or less, over and over and over.


    I can tell you what this is NOT caused by.


    It is not RAM (I have tried two different sets of RAM, separately and together in various configurations)


    It is not the OS (it random restarts from a fresh install of Lion, of Snow Leopard, from the Snow Leopard installer DVD and Windows in Boot Camp)


    It is not dust (the system and video card are clean)


    I HAVE NOT TRIED CHANGING THE BATTERY; I do not have quick access to one. I really hope it's that simple!

  • Phil Hastings Level 1 Level 1

    Ok and here's my submission to the problem. I just started seeing this on two different machines. One a teaching lab machine at a University.  We are running OS10.8 and FCP 10.0.8. Once we added Red Giant's Magic Bullet Looks problems showed up. However I am not sure about this connection except for the fact that on my home machine running 10.1.1 Mavericks and FCP10.1.1 plus Magic Bullet Looks I now had two reboots in less than an hour. Happy to share crash reports if that advisable helpful.


  • plugsandpixels Level 1 Level 1

    Please try the battery change and report back. I am currently selling mine on ebay with full disclosure...

  • AlexSebastiaan Level 1 Level 1

    I did change my battery last week and my mac pro seems to do fine now!

    So far no reboots anymore!

    Would the solution be so easy?