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Burnt an Audio cd from itunes. Then put it back in my computer to see how it worked out but there are only track numbers, no names of the songs. Had everything checked (include text titles) before burning? Is there a fix or why does this happen?

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    I figured it out! But still think its odd that I have to type songs in. Considering its APPLE I TUNES I'm very surprised. I still like apple though.
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    [How iTunes remembers audio CDs|http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93952]
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    I figured it out!

    For the benefit of others having the same type of problem, what was your fix?
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    Lets say I burned a cd from my playlist, after that I would eject it and put back in to make sure it still had track #s only which it did. Then a note comes up saying do I want to add this cd to my library I say no since I did that once and all it did was enter the track #s again. So while the CD is in i hit on a song track then go to FILE on menu bar then GET INFO and there where it says info you hit on that and just manually type in the song and title. Or you can just hit the bar a couple of times next to the Track # itself and a block will open where you can type in the song. So there are 2 ways. But I also tried burning a CD but checked a data CD and that worked as well. Perhaps my database is not working or this is the only options I figured out. It works for me . Hope all this makes sense if not LMK. Also there may be other ways that I do not know about but this works.
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    So you actually had to type the info for the CD?
    That is not how it is supposed to work.
    The computer should remember the album & track names and other info when it is burned with iTunes.
    Perhaps my database is not working

    Yes, this seems to be the case though it is the cd info.cdib database on the computer, not iTunes.
    See this -> How iTunes remembers audio CDs
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    I guess it all depends on the SOURCE. Where you are getting the music possibly. After I burned the CD (after entering) it all was there. I do agree if I burn it as is it should be there but it was not.I tried everything. But when I went to give my brother some music via my CD a database came up(on his PC) saying it knew the CD. "Sleighing santas" NO way was it that. So I filled in the songs accordingly even though the database had sleighing santas as the album. Something is messed up somewhere. On a PC you get the drop down menu on my mac I get songs cannot be found on database. SO I have found three ways to get it to work and its fine by me. Also if you go to i tunes hot tips it explains things so what I have come up with is not necessarily wrong in the way it works.
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    what I have come up with is not necessarily wrong in the way it works.

    If you burn an audio CD on a computer with iTunes and it does not come up with the track names on that same computer, it is not working correctly. I have no idea how to fix it.
    But when I went to give my brother some music via my CD a database came up(on his PC) saying it knew the CD. "Sleighing santas" NO way was it that.

    Gracenote database identifies a specific CD by the number of tracks and the length of the tracks and CD. It is possible that more than one CD will be identical to another, which is why this CD was identified as "Sleighing santas". Same number of tracks and same length.

    This app -> http://tc.versiontracker.com/product/redir/kind/0/db/mac/id/12568/
    will allow you to see the cd info.cidb file and see the info for all the audio CDs you have inserted into your computer.
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    I don't feel I need to use something else. But thanks. Apple support even mentions what I'm saying. It depends on different things I guess. Plus if you uncheck in itunes preferences "auto retreive CD track names from internet" I still should get track names. This database seems sort of useless in my opinion. A lot has to do with the source of the imported song I guess. It does not happen all the time.I put blank CDs in and burn certain songs from there to create my own CDs. Perhaps pre recorded CDs work differently. Thanks for your input and will checkout version tracker. Perhaps there is a problem with my itunes since not many people responded to this issue though I know other people have this issue from my own research.
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    Hi! I've had this exact same problem, except some of the files on my CD are corrupt, and I had deleted them from my library some months ago to consolidate. I suppose there is really no way to retrieve them, but it is nice to know that someone else had similar troubles!
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    I have a similar issue. When I burn a playlist that has too many songs for one cd (audio cd) - so I use two - , the track info and playlist name are only recorded on the second cd and not the first. Why?
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    I had found that also: If to many songs were put on a CD there were no playists but if I put less songs on each CD playlists would appear. The continued to second audio CD worked but that had only 3 songs on it the other CD had 20 songs.
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    whats odd now is I burn a CD from my playlist with 12 songs. After burning I eject CD then put it back in to see if just track names appear or song titles. I am getting song titles the way it should be. I brought it over to my brothers PC put in the CD and we got only track #'s. Why is that happening when all seemed good at my end. AFTER typing in the song/artist for each song all was well. Any solution to why that is happening.
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    whats odd

    No, it's not odd at all. That is exactly how it is supposed to work as previously explained above.
    When you burn a CD on a computer with iTunes, iTunes will write that info to the cd info.cidb file on that computer. When you insert the CD bck into that computer, iTunes is gettting the info from that file on teh computer, not from the CD.
    Your brothers computer does not have the info that was written to your cd info.cidb file so it cannot match your CD. In addition, when it goes to Gracenote database, the info for your spcecific CD you burned is not there either.