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Amjad Asif Level 1 Level 1
If I get 1 ghz 12" inch refurbished ibook from apple store, will it have installed OS X tiger and rest of the software, which apple is offering is its current ibook?
650$ for 1 ghz ibook is pretty price.....
  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 Level 6
    I ordered a refurbed 12" 1.2ghz-it had panther on it, but Apple included a copy of Tiger that I had to install if I wanted it-included the newer iLife stuff as well.

    The description of the product(click on the "Learn More" link under product description) will tell you what version of OS is installed and whether Tiger & iLife included.
  • Mac Geek Level 2 Level 2
    Hi Amjad,
    Im also guessing that the refurbished iBook will come with Panther on it, but it is worth upgrading for.

    Amjad you sound like a PC user (not to affend you if you are not) when you say
    650$ for 1 ghz ibook is pretty price.....

    The reason that is the 1Ghz iBook is still relatively new in the sceme of things. Macs run completely different then PCs (operating/ 1Ghz Mac VS. 1Ghz PC). PC is based on DOS as now Mac is Unix and so on and so on. It would take me literally days to completely explain the diffence but here is a link that should show you how they compare. With Mac you get better quality/customer service for the buck, PC you get diddly


    I hope that help clear anything up. Good luck Amjad.

  • Amjad Asif Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks Dude for helping me out.
    Yup. You're right I'm a PC user right now. I owned Powerbook G3 while back. So, I'm planing to get one nowaday. The problem, I'm from Pakistan and apple products are not easily available here.
    My cousin live there in CA. I'll tell him to get me one refurbished ibook. SO my question is that, Refurbished ibook is available in Apple store In CA? or they're not avialable on apple's online store? Are they any other dealera who sells refurbished ibook execpt apple ?
    Thanks for the help...