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I have an ipod touch that I sync to a Dell laptop which is new by about 3 months. I use Vista OS. I had real trouble transferring my music library from my old computer to my new laptop but did manage to get it transferred.

Now my 2 children each have an ipod touch. Just synced them last night for the first time, but the music that are on their playlists (that worked on their old ipods) in my itunes music library won't sync to their new itouches. There's an exclamation point in front of some songs but not others. I never noticed this before.

I don't want to have to purchase their songs all over again. How can I get their music from their playlists on their itouches? Everything syncs fine to my itouch.

Dell Laptop, iPhone OS 3.0, Vista OS
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    What exactly comes up when you try to transfer them?

    Can you click on the exclamation points, or provide more info about what they are indicating for the songs?
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    I get a message box that says there was a problem transferring songs because their location could not be determined. Then it tells me how many problems there were, i.e., # of songs not transferred.

    I can't click on the exclamation point

    According to itunes help that symbol means the song's location could not be determined. This makes no sense to me because these songs all appear on my itouch just not my kids' itouches.

    I can't even create a new playlist and drag the songs from my library to a new playlist.