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I installed the latest upgrade about a month ago on my G3 iPhone. [The one that added the voice memos capability.] Since that time the battery has started draining at an alarming rate when my use of the phone/apps really hasn't changed much. I can hardly get through one day now where I was averaging one good charging every 5 days or so before the upgrade. What changed? And why would my battery suddenly start this fast discharge rate??

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.5.7), iPhone, too
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    What type of mail accounts are on your iPhone? Is one an Exchange account?
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    I'm having the same issue with battery drain. I do not have any Exchange email. Just a Gmai account.
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    Do you have any apps using push notification? Is WiFi on?
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    I am having the same issues. Has anyone found a solution yet?
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    So can you answer the same questions I ask and give us more detail.
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    i think the issue you are experiencing is caused by it restoring a backup... i had battery drain issues until i did a restore and setup as new phone then it used battery more reasonably.

    everything was fine until i did the recent 3.0.1 update which of course used a backup file to restore my iphone... battery usage is way up since my phone was restored from a backup.

    so short answer: you can solve some of the battery drain problem by simply restoring your iphone and choosing "Setup as new"... of course this will loose your text logs, call logs, application data... but you can backup your contacts, calendars with itunes and you can move out your pictures to save them.

    you could also just wait until 3.1 to see if it resolves the issue w/o having to loose app data if that bothers you... i don't mind lets me get my monies worth having to unlock levels in the games again
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    I deleted the exchange account last night, and the phone and battery are acting normal again. Our IT people reconfigured our server at work last week to make it an exchange account. Everything was going great until Friday when I stopped getting my e-mail from the exchange account on my phone. (Other people in the office are having the same issues). So, now I know it's not my phone and I'll have the IT people look into it tomorrow. I am hopeful it will work again soon as it work for four days last week.

    Thanks for all your help! If you know of any potential solutions, I would love to hear them.