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after i synchronized my ipod, all the album photos were all messed up!
This is my first time to encounter such thing. I tried to reset it (pressing MENU and the central botton at the same time for a few sec.) and also update my ipod, bt none of these could help.
What else can i do?Does anyone also have this problem?

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    Hello there,
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    Your iPod's artwork cache may have become corrupt. I would suggest clearing it out and rebuilding it. To do this:

    1. Plug the iPod in and when it appears in iTunes, click on its device name on the left pane of iTunes if necessary
    2. Under the Music tab, remove the check mark next to “include album artwork on this iPod.”
    3. Hit Apply to sync the updated changes.
    4. After it has finished syncing, place the check mark back next to “include album artwork on this iPod” option.
    5. Again, hit Apply to sync the updated changes.
    6. Lastly, properly eject your iPod, and verify that the album artwork is correct.

    Hope this helps.

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    it helps!!