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When we got our iPhones, the AT&T store salesperson loaded all the contact info from our old phones onto the new iPhones. Since we consider our Outlook files to be our "masters" (but they had not been sync'd with the old phones in a very, very long time) we would like to load all our current Outlook info down to the iPhones, resolving any conflicts in favor of the Outlook data.

However, the sync process apparently assumes that the iPhone data is to be loaded onto the Outlook data. For instance, when syncing Contacts, it states that it will need to delete 457 contacts on "this computer" (I guess that's the one running iTunes, and hence it's stating that it will delete the Outlook data - right?). I don't want it to delete the Outlook contacts - I want it to overwrite any duplicate contact info on the iPhone, replacing it with the data from Outlook. And so at that point I abort the Contact sync process.

IOW, I want it to offer me the option of how to resolve any apparent conflicts, but I don't see how to get that done.

Can someone help? Thanks!

DELL, Windows XP Pro, MS Office 2007 SP2