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I had been using the universal version of the first Final Cut Studio for a few years now without any issue. When I upgraded to FCS3, I can't get FCP7 to show any footage (or even Color Bars) in the Viewer or Canvas. You hear the audio of the footage but it's all WHITE. Both frames are set to RGB (not alpha).
I have fully re-installed FCP7 but I still see the same results. It doesn't seem to matter what easy setup I use either.

I can take the same DV or HDV footage and play it in Quicktime outside of FCP7 so I'm confident that my onboard graphics card is not having some sort of trouble.

I have a case open with AppleCare but so far they have not resolved this issue.

Is this White Viewer and Canvas issue happening to anyone else here?


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24 inch White iMac 2.33, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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