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Just today my whole contact list vanished while I was adding information to a contact. I have reset my MobileMe setting on the phone as suggested on another message here. A minute later the same thing happened. What is going on? The phone is useless when the contacts don't work.

Has anyone else had this trouble? Could this be a virus?

Thanks. Tim

iPhone G3, iPhone OS 3.0
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    What does reset your MobileMe setting on your iPhone include?

    There are no viri that infect or affect OS X, and the iPhone runs an optimized version of OS X.
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    Here is a brief overview of what I had to do to solve this.

    After deleting the MobileMe account from the iPhone, and setting it up again, I found the same thing happening. I would have the Contacts for a brief period, then they would disappear with a message "No Contacts Found".

    I then connected the iPhone to iTunes to back it up, received a message that there was new software for the phone (3.0.1). This was loaded. After several hours the phone was reactivated.

    After reactivation the Contacts were there briefly, but then promptly disappeared again. None of the Applications were on the iPhone.

    In frustration I went to Settings/General/Reset/Reset all Settings. This SOLVED the problem of the "No Contacts Found".

    Now the problem is that I have multiple copies of every contact when I display "All Contacts. So I need a solution to a new problem.

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    This was solved and answered as I detail in my last note. Thanks.