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My father invested in an iPhone 3GS Tripod adapter for his tripod, for some conferences and lectures. He has a 16GB 3GS, which will record about 8.6 hours, according to another thread I've read about on here. But he doesn't really want to bring the USB/Adapter cable with him, and have to worry about finding a power outlet. Assuming his phone is on full charge, and bluetooth/wifi are shut off, and brightness is kept a bit dim (not too dim) - can anyone give me a round about answer of how long the it will record video before the battery dies? This function is today, so timing is critical. I will have him take the charger/usb with extension cable just in case. I'd appreciate anyones input

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    Sorry I can't answer your question but I'd love to find out the answer. Previous phones I've owned were not limited by simple battery but also maximum file size and /or available memory, so that might be something to consider also.
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    I don't think anyone knows. But your dad could probably find out in just a few hours with some trial runs.
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    Not sure if the battery will die before or after your done recording on the iPhone.But most sites are claiming that you can record up to 2GB per video.I just recorded a one minute clip,and it rounded off to about 34MB.So if you devide that,it rounds off to around an hour of recording video...But take that with a grain of salt,I'm not good with math lol