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How would I take a clip from one of my videos, and turn it into a still photo that can be edited and printed in iPhoto?

iMac, Other OS
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    A still frame from an Event:
    Put cursor at the frame you want, then right click (or command click) and select "Add Still Frame to Project".
    The still frame will be added at the end of the Project.

    A still frame from a Project:
    Put cursor at the frame you want then right-click (or control-click) and select "Add Freeze Frame". The Freeze frame will be added after the clip.

    In both cases:
    Select the still frame (so the yellow band is around it).
    Right-clicl (or control0click) and select "Reveal in Finder".
    You will see a JPG file highlighted in the finder.
    Drag this file and drop it on your iPhoto icon in the Dock.
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    Thank you so much!! You've been a great resource to me, and I really appreciate it.