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How do I turn off cellular data network but keep on the network for calls and texts when I go abroad???????????????????

IPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.0
  • Ingo2711 Level 7 Level 7
    Go to settings/general/network/data-roaming ->off
    user guide page 142ff
    ...Data Roaming turns on Internet and visual voicemail access over a cellular data
    network when you’re in an area not covered by your carrier’s network. For example,
    when you’re traveling, you can turn off Data Roaming to avoid potential roaming
    charges. By default, Data Roaming is turned off.

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  • flair photography Level 1 Level 1
    I took my iPhone to Mexico and I did a bunch of research before and all i could find was to make sure that the "data roaming" feature was turned off. However I still got texts and voicemails and stuff, which I haven't seen the bill for yet. One thing I did after my phone was still active was to put it into "airplane mode." Doing that allowed me to still use my camera and iPod and other useful apps and not have to worry about expensive network charges. That's what I would do.

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    I am not sure that you got the right answer there. My personal experience is that you cannot turn off data completely even if you disable 3G on the iPhone. In countries like Malaysia or Singapore, most ISPs turn on data by default and even if 3G if off, EDGE and GPRS is still running in the background. I have friends who thought that switching off 3G prevents data upload/download and got a nasty surprise when they checked their data usage. It can turn up to be a very expensive affair if you travel overseas without a roaming/unlimited data plan.
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    The only way I know off is to install a 'fake' APN profile setting the APN to something invalid like "NoDataPlease" or whatever you prefer.

    There are on-line sites where you can download the profile or you can use the iPhone Enterprise Utility