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Dear All (and Apple...)

It's more question than an issue - when can we expect eventually to have properly working touchpad Windows drivers delivered with BootCamp???

Due to the nature of my work I have to dual Boot with Windows, there's nothing annoying me more however, than "drag" feature with tap on the touchpad (as opposite to "click"). This is the most basic feature of any 300 euro laptop, when you can drag items by tapping them twice and not letting touchpad go... and it works great in MacOS, but not in Windows on Macs... It's just so not-intelligent, that it's actually better to have it off..

WOrks better, if I use "click" of the touchpad, but the touchpad-button idea introduced in unibody macbooks is just too hard to hold it and "drag" anything...

I was hoping that at least drivers delivered with Snow Leopard are going to be better, and was very disappointed seeing, that they are not...

MacBook 2.4GHz Aluminium, Mac OS X (10.5.7), 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD