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Ok please help if you can... I'm ready to spit nails!!! itunes 8.2 will not open any audio cds I try to import. I've reset everything I can think of, repaired permissions etc did the combo update... My mac opens dvds, other data discs, the imac installation disc but not audio cd's. I'm only upset because I've been trying to forever to restore music (on an external drive) apparently lost, (ahh... the lovely exclamation point).

Please help me obie wan macos!!!!


a nice 24 in imac, Mac OS X (10.5.7), need new powerbook pro
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    What happens if you stick in an audio CD while iTunes is not running? Is it just one CD or many? What is the origin of these CDs; originals?
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    Hi thanks for your response.

    It's all over the place... all the cd's are original in good to excellent condition; new to years old. I've tried importing while itunes is running and without. My import rate is about 50% and driving me nuts, especially when I know I've imported it in the past... scheesch!!!

    I'll keep trying, I wonder if it has anything to do the the cd tracks pgm that opens whenever you inset the cd...

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    If I put in a CD when iTunes is running iTunes will get track information, but if I don't have iTunes running the CD just appears as a generic audio CD. I don't know anything about any program unless its is something introduced in a later system version than I use.

    It really sounds like a problem with the CDs or the drive which is strange since you say this works with DVDs which tend to be more difficult to read. Try using a program such as Max to import the CDs just to rule out it being itunes.
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    Thanks for the reference to MAX... looks like I'll have to use it. I'm writing from my wife's laptop while importing one of the cd's I tried importing 5 times last night on my imac. It imported on the first try as it should. Opening Gracenotes was no biggie so I'm guessing both hardware and software crap is going on. It makes me wonder about the build quality going on but I'll hold my judgement until I talk to someone at the genius bar.

    Still it bugs me... my imac is barely a year old.
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    I imported MAX but the same disc as before doesn't spin up at all, it just sits for a bit and then spits it out...

    feels like time for the ball peen hammer!!!