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My MacBook Pro was dropped and no longer is booting up - it can be fixed (but w/ likely data loss or new HD) but I now need to rely on my iPhoto backup, which was done via Time Machine.

Before I sign up for possible data loss from the MacBook HD, I would like to confirm that the files I have on the backup HD are indeed the right ones to restore the iPhoto library. I have found an iPhoto library file (83mb) in the Pictures folder, and also another iPhoto library file (4mb) in the most recent Pictures folder. The only other files in the Pictures folder that Time Machine created are aliases for iChat Icons and Photo Booth. I had only Time Machine'd twice, but very recently, producing the aforementioned files.

Are these files the only ones I need to ensure that I have my pix available for restoration after the MacBook is fixed (assuming all data is lost during the fix)?

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    Your iPhoto library is all self contained in that one iPhoto Library "package" which is really just a folder disguised as an icon. The data base info and all of that is all in that one "package". So once you get your computer up and running again (sorry to hear about that dropped Mac, that's rough) you should be able to hook up your TM backup and retrieve that "package" back onto your new HD and open your library.

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    Thanks for the reply Patrick - I'll have to take the (now small) leap of faith that the images are all there...looks like data recovery on the drive is both unnecessary and quite expensive...

    The only remaining risk is that my LaCie backup drive could not be picked up by any of the Macs at the Apple Store - the icon would not show up and was not available. It should be noted that I used their power cord and their firewire cable. I am able to use the drive fine w/ my iMac, and I also had no issues w/ my MacBook "seeing" the drive. I even migrated some iMac files yesterday.

    I can start another post for this but if anyone has insight it would be appreciated.
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    After some problems I have removed my iPhoto Library from my MBP harddisk ! Now I would like to import the iPhoto Library File which I backupped with Time Machine. Everything goes well for a while but suddenly the backup stops and I get a screen which says I have no authorization to access the iPhoto Library !? Anyone knows what this means and how to get around it ? Tnx.