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I went on a trip and left my iphone with a friend. That friend decided to take out my sim card for some reason. Anyway my iphone hasn't been used for 2 months, and i just put in the sim card. It says "iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes." Once i did that it says "iTunes could not connect to iphone because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode before you can use it with iTunes." The only problem is its disabled and only allows me to make emergency calls. It doesnt even give me the screen to type in the pass code, so its just stuck at the emergency calls. I tried restarting it and everything with no success. Does anyone know what to do?

PC, Windows Vista
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    First idea here: your friend (I use the term loosely) took out your SIM card to put in his/her own. That may be OK in AT&T land, but I don't know for sure (mine would be OK because they can be sold legally unlocked here).

    Second idea: your friend (sic) has connected your phone to his/her computer and entered a password into iTunes on that computer.

    Your friend should be contacted and the phone re-linked with the computer that was used when it was out of your hands, then restored on your machine once it is unlocked. You are too kind to your friends, Zach.
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