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Hello all!

Let me describe the issue i've been having. When I updated a portion of my music library to iTunes plus recently, two of the songs did not complete, in fact they have not even been able to begin downloading. Their status shows that they are "zero KB of 0.1 KB - stopped (err = -100000)". What's also interesting is that there is no download folder in my iTunes music folder... they are just in my queue. I've tried reinstalling iTunes as well as making sure my firewall has been disabled while trying to download them as well. iTunes only tells me that "The files seems to be corrupted. To re-download the file, choose "Check for Available Downloads" from the Store menu." It seems like i've tried everything, including talking through the apple chat support a few times and making a phone call to them as well.

In short, I was just wondering whether someone knew a simple solution to this problem for the error code "-100000". Hoping someone can help! Thank you.


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    I have the same problems on both my desktop and laptop. I have tried everything apple has to offer but nothing works. I am completly lost here.
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    Contact iTS support from this page
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    Hey, I have had that before... I figured out if you go to history of purchases you can "Report" the purchase and say what happened wrong xP like it was corrupted bad quality of lost the tune itself within a few days of purchase then after 2 days they email you and let you redownload xP hope it helped
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    I'm having the same problem now too. It happened to an app I tried to download. I reported the problem in the purchase history and the support people gave me a refund and removed the item from my que. However, the next day I dowloaded an album and received the same error. Then the same thing again on a simple free app update. To top it off I also can't upgrade to iTunes 9 because the download stops halfway through and says "download was stopped because file did not have a valid digital signature". Frustrating. It appears as though I am completely cut off from downloading anything at all.
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    The iTunes Store has always worked flawlessly for me. Since upgrading to Snow Leopard and iTunes 9, I've had three issues with downloading purchases, once with a music track and twice with apps. iTunes says that the download failed "because the file is corrupt".

    Also, iTunes 9 crashes two or three times a day now, and it's always been rock solid in the past.

    The support guys immediately ask me to reinstall iTunes 9. Lame. I've tried reinstalling iTunes 9 and also did a clean install of Snow Leopard upgrade on top of a clean install of Leopard - MAJOR HASSLE. Still having the same problems, most recently this morning.

    Apple is really screwing up here. iTunes purchases are impulse buys, and if they get to be a hassle I'll just go elsewhere. WAKE UP, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY.

    It's particularly irritating to have to deal with overseas support people with a marginal grasp of the english language when we have 10% unemployment here.
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    I had this exact problem with 3 separate apps. I called support, since luckily AppleCare was still active. After lots of talking and trying different things, they finally went and removed them from my queue on their end somehow.

    Aside from the time it took, it was great, problem solved... until the next time it happened. Now I have 5 different apps that do this, inserting themselves into my download queue but always failing to complete. Galling to say the least.

    I did a google on the error to see if anyone had found a solution, but sadly this thread was all I found. Good luck to us all!
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    I have been experiencing this too. Would follow all kinds of hints on how to fix. So far the one that has worked on every occasion was to load up WindowsXP. Load itunes. Scan for Application updates, and have them update. Then transfer them over to the MacbBookPro. So now I keep my entire collection of iPhone apps on the XP box, and when i get the corrupt message, download and transfer. Wierd how that works.