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Hi everyone…After I installed itunes 8.2 on my Windows XP OS ,it didn’t recognise my new iphone 3gs – after countless uninstalls and re-installs of the same and different (earlier) versions (as prompted by other forums) with firewall off etc etc– they all wont install the apple mobile device part.

It says installer encountered errors before completing and just ‘rolls back’.

There isn’t even a folder called apple mobile device in programfiles/commonfiles/apple/ after the itunes Install

So I have also tried and extracted the applemobiledevice.msi from the 8.2 installer and tried to use that, and the errors continue. It seems no matter what I do its an endless loop of installation errors everyway around.

It wont allow me to install AMDS at all. I don't currently have AMDS installed, its not in my add/remove programs and not in programfiles/commonfiles/apple and not seen in “services” to be able to restart it or stop it - there is no folder for AMDS even there.

AS I said When I install itunes it does not install AMDS at all for me, and when I tried to extract that older AMDS as this solution says, it will not allow me to install (The installation encountered errors try again later).

Mine does not give me that option to remove/repair, which I'm pretty sure is because I don't actually have any applemobiledevice installed, and that kind of turns this problem into an endless loop of not being able to get it installed. I can't just upgrade/repair/remove because I don't have one installed, and I can't just install one because it says the installation encountered errors. Can anyone HELP!!?...

Bespoke, Windows XP