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My phone is synced to my work computer for music. I just synced my Iphone caledar to my home computer last night with Outlook. At work I created a new calendar which is blank so I could sync but I received the error my iphone is already synced with another user account do I want to merge or replace?

Will Merging delete data on my iphone?

If I only sync to a Blank calandar on my Outlook?

I need to back up my calendar so I can upgrade from 1.1.4 firmware on my original Iphone


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    Selecting replace will replace the calendar events on your iPhone with what is available with your Outlook calendar. Selecting merge will merge the data between the two, but if this is a new blank calendar with Outlook with no calendar events, to be on the safe side before syncing calendar events with this blank calendar, enter one unique calendar event in the blank calendar with Outlook - make this event up if needed, which can be deleted later. When provided the merge prompt, select it.