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I do a lot of nature photography, and I personally like arranging my photo's myself. I don't like the way Aperture and iPhoto organize in events, and I am wondering if there is a way to use aperture as an editor and not a library.

If that is not possible, are there any applications (other than a full Photoshop like CS4) that can do this for me?


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    No. Aperture is an editor and a library manager. Photos must be imported for you to edit them.

    That said, you can import them and work with them in their existing location. However, you must use Aperture to rename or move the files on disk; if you use the Finder Aperture will lose track of them, and you will have to re-link the Aperture versions to the files on disk.
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    Ahh, that's what I was afraid of. Thanks for your help!

    I don't really feel like playing that chasing game, so do you know of any solid editors that can leave the users file system intact (like Picasa, but more mac-influenced?)

    Thanks again