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My Iphone cant be read from my com after I plugged it in. I have installed the latest Itunes and have done the restart com & off/on methods and still cannot resolve the issue. The com completely cannot detect the phone and can't even charge it.

Please help!


Dell Studio 540S, Windows Vista
  • w7ox Level 4 (2,385 points)
    If the iPhone does not charge from you computer I would suspect a dodgy usb port or cable. If you are using a hub, try connecting direct to a usb port.

    Does the iPhone charge from the provided plug-in wall supply?

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    Hi phil..
    yes it does charge from the wall power socket. It also connects to my netbook. It is just in particular with this computer it does not. When I plug in, nothing happens. I can't even find it when I open up "my computer" browser.

    The thing is I need to connect it on this com. Appreciate your advice!
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    My iPhone also cannot be detected. Not even any other computers.
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    IF your IP is recognized by your netbook, it sounds like you have a bad USB port on the problem computer. I believe that ALL USB ports on a computer are daisy changed and if one is bad, they probably all are bad. I had this happen on one of my laptops a few years back. I was able to get the USB port replaced under the warrantee. IF the computer is a desktop, you might be able to add a USB card.
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    It did connect once then doesn't subsequently..
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    Same here, my iPhone can be detected with any computers in the past, just after I upgrade my iTune into, then the iPhone cannot be deteced in any computers.