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    Got the new dock via FedEx yesterday and it was not the issue. New dock same as the old dock. Called Apple Support again and they are now sending me out a new Shuffle.
  • SimpleTool Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Got the replacement shuffle the other day and all is well. It seems the issue was the iPod itself and not related to software on my PowerBook.

    So, if you symptoms are:

    * Not showing up in iTunes
    * Not charging
    * Not showing as a mounted device on the Desktop (on Mac) or in Windows Explorer (on WinTel)

    The the iPod is FUBAR and you need to get a replacement if yours is within warranty or buy a new one.

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    So bottom line if we are in this situation w/ a 2nd gen shuffle - we can play the old songs on the Shuffle - but will need to buy a new ipod if we want the ipod to sync up with our library? Sounds like cha ching cha ching. Way to sell more ipods!!
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    Like previous posts here I too could not mount my shuffle (2nd gen) in Itunes or anywhere on the desktop - just a blinking orange light - although it still play when disconnected. I could not locate it in the system anywhere. All seemed lost until just now. I plugged my Iphone in to my macbook pro (to download a podcast) but it did not show up in Itunes. I started to panic, thinking it too had been cursed however I went to file and and clicked "Sync Ipod". All progressed well. I then swapped the Iphone for the shuffle on the off chance the Sync option was still available (previously NOT) and it was. I clicked it and the blinking orange light has immediately turned green and the shuffle appeared in Itunes.
    I really am not sure exactly what happened that was different to previous times except perhaps I have inadvertently turned off the automatic "sync" option for my Iphone which is why it didn't show up as usual. The "sync" option has then become available under "file". Thankfully it remained there for me to engage the shuffle.
    So - basically I've fluked fixing the shuffle, which until now was totally out of communication with the MBP and therefore incapable of updating in any way.
    Hope this helps solve the dilemma for others
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    i went thru many forums and it was the easiest, weirdest fix: check that you haven't pushed the shuffle (2nd gen) too hard down into the cradle. as soon as I loosened it a little bit, it showed up under "DEVICES" in iTunes and is working lovely.
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    Hi all.

    The Daughter's 2nd gen shuffle started 'playing up' on her mac mini it locked the mouse pointer up when attached to the dock. Didn't realise that this was due to shuffle initially as thought it was just the keyboard or mouse. Any how the shuffle wouldn't work on the Mac Pro (again locking mouse pointed - if plugged in when mac was booted) if booting mac then plugging in shuffle it wouldn't show on desktop or anything also tried the ipod updater 1.0.3 app with no joy. Figured it was the shuffle. However today I tried on my PowerBook G4 running leopard and not only did it mount but also was able to run pod utility. Also shows up in iTunes 9 so have a feeling this is just a Snow Leopard issue.
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    I also have the problem that my mothers iPod shuffle (2nd generation) doesn't want to connect to my computer. It gives some orange flashing lights, and when I lift it up a bit, it gives 1 green and 2 oranges flashes. According to the manual this means that the software has to be repaired, but as it won't connect to my mac, I can't repair anything. And also according to the manual, these series of flashes only comes when you lift it up from the dock, but in my case, I get the flashes when it is in the dock.

    Suggestions, somebody?
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    I Agree with avisualperson in this thread. I had the same problem with the shuffle not mounting - lifted it slightly off the cradle and BINGO! - it mounted.
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    Just got a new MacBook Pro and am having the same issues with my gen 2 shuffle. Just wanted to throw my hat into the ring and hope someone finds a fix!
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