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I use my iPod Touch for pretty much everything I do on my computer now, including e-mail. This afternoon, I got an e-mail from a friend of mine with subject "Fotos 05/07". Apparently this is an e-mail virus going around in Hotmail these days. I opened it and clicked one of the links, which disguised itself as a picture. It opened up a Safari window, which then said "Safari is unable to display this content" (or something to that effect). I later used another (Mac) computer to open the link, and it asked me to run an executable file (.exe extension). I of course clicked no. I know Unix does not run .exe files, and iPod Touch is based on a Unix kernel, but I'd just like to make sure: Is my iPod Touch still safe?


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Yes, it is safe.

    There are no known exploits for iPod touches, and, even so, it certainly can't execute .exe files
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    Sorry, I may not have been clear enough. I don't do any sensitive computing on my iPod, but I'm more worried about putting it on a network with Windows computers or syncing it with my Macbook. I know that the iPod Touch is probably OK to continue doing computing on, but could it be a vector for something else now? For example, could something get transferred to my MacBook next time I sync my iPod or something?
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    Again, very doubtful at this moment. iTunes is picky about what it syncs anyway. I'm sure the AV companies would pick up something like this before you did, so I wouldn't worry
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    For example, could something get transferred to my MacBook next time I sync my iPod or something?

    No. iTunes only syncs the music, videos, podcasts etc. that it supports. It doesn't sync virus-laden email attachments or anything else.

    Secondly, the iPod touch does not mount on the desktop, so nothing can get transferred that way.

    Thirdly, the iPod touch is not visible to other devices when on an a network, Windows or Mac.

    If you download, install and use a specific App for sharing/transferring files (such as AirSharing), any transferred files can only be accessed by the App in question, and files can't magically copy themselves to the iPod touch, as nothing has access to the iPods file system.

    Fourthly, all iPod touch applications are "sandboxed" meaning they only have access to their own data, not that of other applications or the operating system. So nothing can be transferred that way.

    And finally, even if, hypothetically, an .exe file virus from one of your emails somehow managed to find its way onto your iPod touch or Mac, it wouldn't do anything anyway, as .exe files don't run on iPods & Macs.

    So, in short - you have nothing to worry about.
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    Awesome. Thanks a lot