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  • antilis Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here... grgrgrgrgr...
  • HighLife420 Level 1 Level 1
    i guess keep the thread going....i have verified that this does happen in 3.1 also.

    So there is nothing new about 3.1 i guess, in terms of emailing.

    I dunno whats doing it either...but it just doesnt seem right to NOT have a way to control when the mail is downloaded. 1 way would be just to simply add a send/receive button.

    I wrote feedback, been to the genius bar (verified right in front of them it happens) posted here and there.

    I guess the only way to not have it happen is turn off the account in settings...however, this isnt practical imo, its a royal pain...

    Also, this isnt the only bug like this....

    If you open up settings and browse through, your Ipod app will open in the background. Test it out for yourself.

    This leads me to believe its for sure a bug with the firmware, both of these happening just doesnt seem right. Ipod of course doesnt bother me as doesnt start playing music or something, just runs in the background.

    However, since mail actually downloads the headers and fills up your box, its kind of a pain in the butt.

    Must be fixed, spent 5 pages trying to prove it happens...had to listen to the "wanna be, know it all" apple fanboys here tear into it like i was lieing or something. Better be fixed...
  • Gigglebox Level 1 Level 1
    Try to go under settings for mail,account and choose advance, select the account and chose manual. I was having the same problems with my mail until I did this. Let me know if this works.
  • Level 6 Level 6
    This does not work in 3.1
  • antilis Level 1 Level 1
    some new news??
  • antilis Level 1 Level 1
    Same with 3.1.2 OS. INCREDIBLE.... INCREDILEEE...
  • everettwolf Level 2 Level 2
    @Allan Sampson

    Phew, that was a fun read!! @HighLife, I respectfully submit to you the following: YES, there are people on this board that post an awful lot, YES some of these people like to blindly follow the Apple line, despite all logic to the contrary -- I'll name my favorite : @Tamara : -- but Allan Sampson IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Your contempt for him is completely misguided, and you'll come to realize that if you spend a lot of time on this board. The time he took to respond to each of your anger-escalating emails before he started losing patience was just about awesome.

    I would ask that you save your thread and review it in a few months, and I think -- with a cold, cold read, and a little more experience with the Apple discussions forum -- you'll see just how patient and helpful Allan was trying to be, and how accurate he is being in saying that you're not going to get a solution on THIS board, nor will you ever get an Apple employee to jump in and say "you know what, you're right, and we are on it." Just ain't gonna happen.

    So, please, do not alienate the likes of Allan Sampson and the other "Top Users" on this forum -- even Tamara -- because when you have an emergency and there IS a solution, these guys will jump right on it for you. But not if they are driven off the board by frustrating threads such as this one.
  • jclark Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X
    The only way I can get it to stop downloading in the background is to *Turn Off* all my mail accounts in the Mail Settings Preference. Then to check Mail, one must re-enable each ( or all ) accounts one wishes to view mail with, then mash the Mail button, and watch it download like mad ( even though I've "Fetch New Data" in the Off position in the Preferences..)


    All Apple needs to do is allow us users a little fine grained control over this nice device... all I would like to be able to do is fetch some mail w/ I'm expecting it, otherwise, no mail is fetched, and I'll be happy to look at it when I get back to my computer...
  • rico240 Level 1 Level 1
    I too have the same problem as everyone here. Obviously there is a problem with the firmware. Hopefully Apple will fix on the next revision - but they have to acknowledge that there is a problem. In the meantime I have just set my main email account to off. And when I feel a need to check my email through the IPhone, I just turn it back on like the previous poster. I am a newby, does Apple Techs participate in this forum?
  • JT122333 Level 1 Level 1
    Lawrence Finch
    "The only thing I can think of is that your phone is jailbroken and allows multiple apps to run at the same time, one of them being mail."

    Actually Lawrence, Apple enables all its home screen apps to multitask. The phone "app" is constantly running even when you have anything else open. This is how you are able to get calls in game/app... also, if you get an app that lets you check the processes running you can see this, with push enabled and at least one account set to push, the mail app is always running as well as the phone app. Apple just doesn't allow third parties to do this.

    Additionally, just having a jailbroken phone does not all of a sudden make all of your apps multitask. You have to download a specific program to enable it and you do it on an app by app basis.
  • cvillian Level 1 Level 1
    I have the exact same problem. Its downloads emails at will. I just opened my Apps button and it downloaded emails. Or sometimes I just ANSWER my phone and it downloads all my emails. Have tried all the advice to no avail. Have you figured this out yet, by chance?

    Next stop: Genius Bar.
  • Roberto66 Level 1 Level 1
    The poster up the page is right: It is absolutely crazy not to have the option of SEND/RECEIVE once you open the iphone e-mail client. And he's also correct in saying that you cannot stop "push" or "fetch" e-mail, EVEN when it is set to "manual", because whatever you do the e-mail client will download everything for each account that is active. This means for instance that you cannot open the app just to REVIEW or read current e-mails. You are FORCED to download a fresh lot of e-mails.

    This is absolutely nuts. The only way around this is to laboriously switch the actual accounts ON and OFF. The only way around the perpetual downloading of active accounts is (I would guess but haven't tried it) to go into Airplane mode, which at least allows you to inspect e-mails without sending or receiving.

    Every half decent e-mail app in the world (apart from the iphone) has simple options to let YOU decide when you want to Send and receive. It would be such an elementary feature to include.

    This is the solution Apple should urgently offer in a fix:

    1. Option to automatically "push" e-mail (as currently done).

    2. Option to "Fetch" e-mail AFTER you've opened the client.

    3. Option to open e-mail client WITHOUT sending or receiving anything, then having the option to "send/receive all" or "Send" then (separately) "receive" e-mails FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL account.

    The lowest spec consumer computer/notebook operating system has these BASIC functions!

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  • Graham Outterside Level 4 Level 4
    I like the fact that there are four pages of inconsequential issues being discussed, and the post now looks like any other BB, with entreched camps of 'I want it the way I want it' and the other 'well its done this way so there'.

    It really doesn't matter at all - one says they want X and another says Apple provides Y.

    It really doesn't matter unless Apple decide to provide X and no amount of discussion is going to make people change their views. Write to Apple and have done with it.

    Its quite nice to realise that this is the major issue with the iPhone for some people - the scale of the issue shows they really must have a contented life.

    PS I would like my iPhone to do a hundred things differently but it doesn't and so I'll learn to cope.

    It doesn't matter ...... move on folks.
  • Roberto66 Level 1 Level 1
    These issues are NOT inconsequential. One would hope Apple people would be at least occasionally monitoring this forum. Having a reasonably controllable e-mail client is NOT a trivial thing. It is an essential part of the iphone's core purpose. I agree other issues could be described as trivial but this one is not. So, if you don't mind, those that are happy with their phones but unhappy with this aspect will continue to post...if that's alright with you.
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