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FCE Newbie here...

I have old Hi8 and Dig8 DV tapes that I'm trying to capture via Sony DCR-TRV730 camcorder (super old camcorder). I have this cam connected to iMac (late 2006) via Firewire.

What Easy Setup setting is proper for this cam/dv tapes?

Also, roughly how much of files size is 2 hrs of Hi8/Dig8 DV tapes? I do have 1TB External HD (FW) that I will be using as Scratch disk.


Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    I'd suggest the DV Converter setting. PAL or NTSC to suit the camera.
    Two hours will grab around 26 gig.

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    DV-NTSC or DV-PAL depending on the standard in your country & the camera you have.
    Also, 48Khz/16bit audio is normal but if you shot the video at 32KHz/12 bit audio you will have to select the 32Khz version of the appropriate DV easy setup.

    If that doesn't work then try the appropriate *DV Converter* easy setup.
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    Thanks for the prompt responses. Here is an update...

    1) Tried DV-NTSC (I'm in U.S.) Hit Capture, then Capture window appears and shows "VTR OK." Playback control via FCE is fine...but NO Audio!!! Audio meter not moving. Also, when I hit Capture "NOW," no Audio/Video is being captured. Screen msg says "Waiting for Timecode." Just Apple logo on black screen.

    2) Tried DV-NTSC DV Converter. Hit Capture, then Capture window appears and no controller for VTR playback. Normal. Playback via camcorder, and Hit Capture "NOW." Video is being capture but still no Audio meter movement. Hit ESC to stop Capture, and error msg says, "audio sample rate of one or more of your captured media files does not match the sample rate on your source tape...out of sync..." Place video on timeline, and it still has a1/a2 tracks, but nothing.

    Now, during both times of Capture / playback via FCE, I can hear the Audio perfectly fine via Camcorder.

    What am I doing wrong?? I've thrashed preferences already. Again, A/V is recorded on Hi8 tape. How do I know what the audio sample rate is on the recorded media? Confused....
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    Never mind... 2) Easy Setup actually worked...somehow on third try. It's good for now! Thanks all.
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    Spoke too soon. Capture footage... out of sync... just like FCE warned immediately after completing capture.

    So, back to the starting line here. DV-NTSC / DV-NTSC Converter.. both seem not working. Any other available options I can try??
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    First, you will not hear audio through your Mac while FCE is capturing video. This is normal. FCE has never played back audio during capture.

    Second, you appear to have successfully captured your video ... but the audio is out of sync. The most common causes are a mismatched easy setup (48KHz audio when the audio is actually 32KHz) or running a tape to the very end.

    Is the audio +constantly out of sync+ -say, by 2 or 3 seconds ... or does it +drift out of sync+ over time?

    First, check your camera's audio setting - make sure it is 16 bit (48Khz) not 12-bit (32Khz). Most camcorders come from the factory with a default setting of 12-bit audio.

    Then, I'd suggest trying three sample captures using - 1) DV-NTSC , 2) DV-NTSC 32KHz and 3) DV-NTSC DV Converter easy setup. If one works, that's the one to use. If not, let us know details on what happened and we'll see how we can help further.
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    Thanks MartinR for your response.

    YES, NOW I know that I can't hear audio during Capture. Confirmed!

    I have tried all three Easy Setups you listed.
    1) - does NOT work
    2) - does NOT work
    3) - WORKS

    Initially, I was capturing DV-NTSC DV Converter, some 5+ min clips, and some 10+ min clips. These were the clips that audio didn't really matter. Then, I tried to capture 100+ min (actors and dialogues). Because I didn't want to stop and playback via Camcorder, I just played and capture entire tape. Once completed, I checked under Property, it notes 48Khz / 16 bit integer.

    Playback 100+ min clips, started to notice... audio "+drifts out of synch over time+"... say after 20min mark or so. By the end of it, it's like 1 sec out of synch.

    I even tried unplugging EVERYTHING except Keyboard, mouse, EXT HD during capture. Problem still exists.

    Do I have to capture short clips at a time?? DV-NTSC Converter won't allow VTR control via FCE, meaning I have to play / stop via Camcorder. I have 20+ Hi8 tapes that I need to capture, and I just can't imagine doing all that way.
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    DV-NTSC Converter won't allow VTR control via FCE, meaning I have to play / >stop via Camcorder.

    That's normal behaviour for the DV Converter option. No camera control as it's main function is an A/D converter in this configuration.

    I get the feeling from reading the thread that you may have used LP record mode which may be adding to the woes.

    Sounds like if you can get the audio sync right you will be good to go. FCE can capture long clips of an hour or so but clip and Sequence properties must match.
    As Martin has already pointed out, 32 and 48 kHz Seqeunce settings match 12 and 16 bit audio from the camera respectively.

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    I'm pretty sure all my Hi8 tapes were recorded at 16 bit audio. (then again..it's been 10+ yrs since I looked at these). even after capture, properties states 16bit integer.

    If audio drifts out of synch over time under 16bit/48KHz setting AND 12bit/32KHz won't let me Capture, then what's the solution?
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    If all the above does not work for you then I'd have two suggestions.

    1. Capture in 15-20 chunks.
    2. Dub your Hi-8 tapes to a DV camera that is set to 16 bit audio.

    FYI: Even though 48 kHz is a standard, some cameras and other devices can actually capture in a fraction more or less than 48 kHz. eg.48.001.
    Older versions of FCE had manual compensation for this while the newer versions are supposed to cover it automatically.

    If you check the Item properties of the clips with drift can you see a slight variation? If so a dub to DV may just be the saviour.

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    Thank you. I feel that maybe the only way to capture these old Hi8 tapes.