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this sounds dumb, but i just got this new 17" MacBook Pro (Mid 2009), and the screen resolution is better than my old (Mid/Late 2007) model MacBook Pro that i had....so in general, all windows that i open up (Finder/Mail/Address Book, etc) are all tiny text. Is there a way i can make the default text size bigger?

I mean, i know when i'm in Safari about the Apple +, Apple - for zooming in on web pages...is that possible for other apps too, or is there a default that will change all the apps at once?

I also know about the full screen zoom option, but i'm looking for another resolution. Thanks!

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    You'll need to zoom in individual apps to avoid the 'fuzziness' that setting the display to a lower resolution or screen zoom create.

    In most apps, Command-+ will make text larger.
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    that's what i thought. The Apple +/- is great but it doesn't zoom the finder windows or the Mail app (i know it does for new messages, but the mailbox part itself it doesn't). It also doesn't do it in Address Book either.

    I guess i'll make a feedback request to add a feature to just make the overall default text on all windows larger.

    The zoom feature is cool too but i like to be able to see my entire screen at once without having to zoom in/out on different sections of it to be able to read it.

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    May I offer a friendly suggestion that your request might be better received if you asked to have the default font size made user-adjustable, instead of asking to have it made larger across the board? Some of us have no trouble reading it and like being able to see as much text at once as the small default size makes possible.