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Hi everyone,

I was going to enjoy E.T. when the Cd decided to get stuck in the drive.

I have done research and tried every way under the sun to eject it. Credit card, Unix code, terminal, eject button, hold trackpad on startup and none of it seems to work.

When i hold the eject button the icon doesn't appear on the screen, like when you turn your sound up it has the square with the volume bars going up. The disc does not spin and when I start up my macbook it makes 4 sounds.

When I put a card in the drive it feels as if the CD is right back, so I'm not sure if its been pushed so far back that it won't recognise it.

So basically eject button doesn't respond, no CD is shown in finder, CD doesn't spin and it feels like its really far back.

Got any ideas other than taking it to Apple because they are useless.

Macbook 2.16GHz 120gb HD 1GB RAM running leopard, Mac OS X (10.5.1)