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  • matraven Level 1 Level 1
    My problem is the same:
    I just bought the MBP 2 week ago and the wi-fi internet connection works only for 5~10 minutes then I must disconnect and reconnect the airport to have the connection again.
    I don't know if the problem is sw or hw or in my router, a D-Link DI-624 (I don't think the problem is my router because in my house there are other 3 pc-notebook that works fine) but it's very annoying.

    PS: sorry for my bad english, I hope you can understand.
  • SkaUrMom Level 1 Level 1
    I spent some time on the phone and then in the apple store talking to technicians. Apparently the wireless on the new Macs is too new. I think apple just assumed everyone bought a new router in the past year. They told me that I needed to switch my router to "n"instead or "g". This is fine and dandy minus I cant on my I guess I am going to get a Airport express and see it that works.
  • bobbins_rjo1973 Level 1 Level 1
    Although my problem relates to an older model i.e. the original Mac Book Pro I think it is worth sharing and seeing if my solution helps anyone else and if apple can do anything about the heating problem that seems to be causing it.

    The of back story regarding my particular wireless issue it's been ongoing for months / a year I have one of the first macbook pro's 15" screen so around 3-4 years old. And about a year ago it started with the all too familiar symptoms; no wireless connectivity i.e. I could see the networks but I got a connection timeout when I tried to join them no bars on the menu bar unless I was sitting on top of the router. The problem was network / router independent, i tried all the fixes suggested on pro.html but nothing made any difference. It wasn't the wireless card (we cleaned the contacts and switched my card with a friends and put my card in his machine and vice versa - my card worked fine in his machine his card (which had previously had no problems now had the same problem) We then started to think about a tricky and expensive antenna change - but as the antenna is basically a wire it is either there unbroken or it isn't . then one cold winters evening I brought my mac book home out of the car booted up and got full connectivity in my office (something that hadn't happened for over a year) then over the course of an hour it deteriorated and eventually fell off, then after another cold day I noticed a similar pattern, and the penny dropped - overheating - I don't know if its causing the contacts in on the card to expand and lose the connection or just that the card doesn't work well when hot. But I installed ISTAT and SMC fan control and so far my testing seems to suggest keeping the CPU temp low keeps my wireless connection up if it gets hot as it gets it get around 60 degrees C and it starts to deteriorate. I would be interested to know if anyone else finds the solution works for them!!

    Also are there any dangers associated with using such programms to artifically set the fan speed / running the machine at an artifically low temperature.

  • tvcameracrew Level 1 Level 1
    Have you seen all the other discussions reporting this problem. You can leave feedback for Apple here...

    Here is what I have just written to them...

    Hi, I love my 13" MBP, I have had it for around 6 months now. However recently I have found that it randomly disconnects throughout the day. Extremely frustrating. My old Macbook nearly 2 years old I gave to my wife does not suffer from this at all. We both connect to the same router on the same network. I am not the only person finding this. At the time of writing this mail to you there are over 8000 views on one single support forum thread entitled "Wireless disconnects randomly throughout the day on 13" MBP". There are also many other forum threads describing the same fault. Infact 8 out of the first 15 discussions on your 1st page list of threads reference this problem- thats over half! All people reporting a problem with MacBook Pro's and wifi connection dropouts, running both 10.5 and 10.6. Please can you sort this out.

    Here is a list of forums where people are begging for a solution. There are more discussions than this, this is just a selection. Please don't ignore us.























    Kind regards,
  • parsi macbook Level 1 Level 1
    I had this problem last week and I solved it simply by upgrading my operating system to 10.6.2. All of problems containing "No airport card installed" fixed !
  • danny_angel Level 1 Level 1
    Let me add my newly trouble regarding wireless internet connection. Bout my MBP more than a month ago and the first time I've used it, I've had instant internet wireless connection (public wifi)and last up until last Monday (Nov. 16) when we had some thunder and lightning during the night. But I wasn't using my MBP that time though it's still on. Then the next day up until now, I lost my public wifi connection. ALl the connections I can see are all password protected and the public one was gone.

    Anyone experienced this scenario? I'd appreciate any help so I can access back the wifi internet connection. I've originally have my own ADSL 2 for my desktop but it's very convenient for me using my MBP accessing the internet through wifi connection.

    I'd appreciate any input.

  • warburg 2 Level 1 Level 1
    I have a 17" MacBook Pro and a 15" MacBook Pro, both running OS 6.2.2, that I bought within the last three weeks. I also have a new Airport Extreme. These two computers lose connection with the internet about twice a day, almost always after periods of inactivity. I can establish connection again with a Restart. Neither Apple or the authorized dealer from whom I've been buying Macs for almost 20 years has been able to resolve this problem.

    Now I have what (after reading the complexities of this thread) is no doubt a very naive question. Isn't there a one-year guarantee on these machines? If they don't function properly and can't be repaired, am I not entitled to new computers?
  • chuck459 Level 1 Level 1
    There are some serious connectivity problems with my new MacBook Pro (2.8 mhz) running OS 10.6. About a third of the time after waking up the machine from sleep, it will not reconnect with the internet (via AirPort) without being restarted. It will connect with my G5 via my wireless network just fine and will print to a wireless printer, but will not re-establish an Internet connection. Occasionally, turning AirPort off then on will force a connection, but not usually. My aging PowerBook G4 never experiences this problem on the same network. I love this new machine, but this connectivity issue is a major PITA.
  • warburg 2 Level 1 Level 1
    I apologize for repeating the same question, but has anyone done something to resolve this problem? I have two new MacBook Pros that often require Restarts after sleep. Constant restarts will in time damage the computer. There is, after all, a guarantee on these machines, isn't there? Isn't Apple required to provide you with a functioning machine? Has anyone taken their computer to the Genius bar? Has anyone asked for a refund?
  • mfladmark Level 1 Level 1
    I have been having exactly the same issues as everyone else on this forum (ie, random connection drops, and connection restoration when my computer is close to the router).

    I did a bit of digging and found a solution that may be helpful (worth a try anyway):

    Go into Users/[your account]/library/preferences , find and delete and files. This seems to have stabilized things for me. Nothing seems to solve problems like deleting a plist or two Hope this helps!
  • atw4 Level 1 Level 1
    Tried deleting the .plist files, did not work on our new 13" MBP running 10.6.2. I moved the .plist files out of preferences, renamed them, then rebooted. Got about 30 mins of good connectivity before it failed again.

    Seems really strange to me that the older MacBook Pro 17", which I upgraded to 10.6.2 about a month ago, is running fine, keeping a good reliable wireless connection, while the MBP 13 running snow leopard, and the MBP 15 running Leopard both constantly lose the wireless connection. Two Windows laptops, running vista and win 7, both keep a good connection.

    There are enough posts about this that there must be a systemic problem. A friend told me to reconfig to only connect using 802.11g or b, delete the 11n, but I don't know how to do that.
  • warburg 2 Level 1 Level 1
    So, based on the lck of replies to my questions above, I assume that nobody here has brought their computer to the Genius Bar or to an authorized Apple repair specialist and demanded to be given a working compter under the one-year guarantee or Apple Care?

    Incidentally, I find it peculiar that there hasn't been a single thread on the MacRumors site about the connectivity problem, except a couple I tried to start which got either no replies or an "isn't that a shame" reply.
  • hyony Level 1 Level 1
    Hi everyone!

    I have had the exact same problem as everyone else on my new 15" Macbook Pro purchased in Sept 2009 (Snow Leopard OSX with all the latest updates installed), whereby I used to have random wireless disconnects, even though the wireless signal strength icon was showing full signal?

    Here's a solution that worked for me, and maybe it might work for others:

    1. Make sure the SSID of your home or work network is your primary preferred Network or near the top of the list, if not move it higher up the 'preferred networks' list and remove altogether any wireless networks you no longer use.

    Open Network Preferences > Airport > Advanced > Preferred Networks > OK

    2. Disable/turn off IPv6 Subnet Addressing.

    Open Network Preferences > Airport > Advanced > TCP/IP > Configure IPv6 > Off > OK

    3. Renew the DHCP Lease.

    Open Network Preferences > Airport > Advanced > TCP/IP > Renew DHCP Lease > OK

    I have not had any random disconnects after performing all the actions mentioned above for quite some time now, and hopefully it won't happen any time soon!

    Hopefully somebody might find this information useful!
  • Kieran Brennan Level 1 Level 1
    connection timeout ALL the time on my mbp. SOOOOO disappointing as I'm always harping on about how good the mac is. Thought if I had all the latest s/w and h/w I'd be fine. PLEASE FIX THIS
  • John Thornton Level 1 Level 1
    I just want to point out my experiences and solution to this annoying problem. Firstly, my MBP has been working fine for months. I bought it around July I think. Obviously, Apple pushed something in an update and decided to **** me off.

    Ok. My initial symptom was the loss of Wi-Fi connectivity.

    -I would see the signals, and be able to connect.
    -Sadly, I would receive the Self-Assigned address notice (169.x.x.x).
    -In order to get around that the first time, I reset the router --> gave it a different
    SSID --> left the password open. Once connected, I went back in and
    changed the password. Good to go for the moment.
    -After a couple of days, the wireless just stopped working.
    -Tried the above router solution again, but it did not work.
    -Was able to use Ethernet
    -Eventually I was unable to use Ethernet nor Wi-Fi and had to revert to using just XP.
    -**XP BOOTCAMP ALWAYS WORKED (both Ethernet and wireless)** That is important to note!
    -I went to a family members house and was able to log in using wireless.
    -Once I closed the lid, aka put the MBP to sleep, and reopened it, I
    lost the Wi-Fi. Again, XP worked.
    -Once home, I could still not connect.
    -I tried so many different ways to get the wireless working.
    -Deleted all connections, used diagnostics, setup, everything I could try. Nothing.
    -I held Control, Option, P and R and then powered the MBP (got that from this forum) and wham! It
    worked! All on battery power.
    -Once the MBP slept and was awoken, I could no longer see my wireless connection on battery power. I could see others, but I could not see the one I was connected to just 2 minutes before. My iPhone could still see it.
    -I tried again to use Control, Option, P and R, but it did not work this time.
    -I plugged my MBP into power and I am connected again!!! ***???

    I have yet to try my Ethernet again, I also need to point out that I was recently at a conference and I was the ONLY one who could not connect using Ethernet. It would be "connected" but only receive a 169 address. At first, I had no clue what was up, but now I know there is a bug with Apple's OSX software.

    So for me, it is not only a wireless issue, but a complete MBP Network issue. That is my experience. Hopefully, it will help some other people out, but more importantly, hopefully Apple will fix this annoying problem!