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Anyone have any idea why the headphones that fit into an ipod headphone jack do not fit into the jack on the volume dial do the Bose Companion 5? Seems a bit silly to me.

MBP 17", Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    For headphone jacks there are 3 sizes (2,5mm, 3,5mm and 6,5mm).
    - The 6,5mm is used generaly used for professional equipment, like audio mixers...
    - The 3,5mm is the one who is used for the iPods & iPhones and other portable audio equipement, they are nearly universal for that range of products...
    - The 2,5mm are not as common, they are used on communication equipment such as cordless phones, mobile phones, and two-way radios...

    Here is a link to check it out your self: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRS_connector#Uses

    But now for your bose systeme, you sayed that you use a Bose Companion 5 serie and that you want to conect your iPod headphones on it.
    I've checked on the internet, on the Bose website, they say that it has a 3,5mm jack input and output and the iPod headphones are 3,5mm too.
    So normally there is no problem to connect your headphones on the output of your Bose Systeme.
    Maybe if you push a bit harder it will fit in it... But NOT to hard, to avoid breaking it!!

    I hope it will solve your problem, Tycho.
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    I figured out why. the headphones I'm using have a third ring on the plug for the microphone... so even though it is 3.5mm, the can on the companion 5 pod is only set up to accept left and right speakers.. not the mic. Thanks for your help.