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I heard that for people who bought mac's with iLife 08 (with iMovie 08) you can download iMovie 06 for free. Does anyone know about this and if it's true, where can I get the download?



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  • Niel Level 10 (298,591 points)
    Apple pulled that download when iLife 09 came out.

  • Ziatron Level 4 (3,830 points)
    Many, Many users want iMovie 06 also, but you can not download it FROM APPLE.

    Or buy iLife 06 on ebay, but the cost on ebay for iLife 06 keeps going up.

    I have iLife 09 and use iMovie 06 (for better quality) with iDVD 09.
  • Ho Lee MACkeral Level 4 (2,185 points)
    I finally gave iMovie 09 a try and I have to say I'm starting to appreciate it. I avoided it like the plague. You may want to give it a shot. Go to the tutorial page for starters.

  • Karsten Schlüter Level 7 (32,190 points)
    google-ing for the free version *iMovie 6.0.4.* , which worked with iM08 only, will show no results pointing to any legal Apple download-website..
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    I still have my old iMovie HD download. I can't seem to get to install alongside iLife 09 on my new iMac. Will I need to purchase iLife 08 or 06 from eBay first, or is there another way?
  • Karsten Schlüter Level 7 (32,190 points)
    you have to have actually installed iM08 to make use of iM6.0.4.
    then, after install of 604, you can install iM09/iLife09..

    afaik, iM09 'prohibits' the installation of 604..
    that's why I like to call it a 'add-on' for iM08..
  • Ziatron Level 4 (3,830 points)
    I avoided it like the plague. You may want to give it a shot.

    I use iMovie 09 all the time.

    iMovie 09 is wonderful to edit a 5 minute video to share on youtube, but it lacks features that are needed for longer projects or if you want to make a DVD of your movie.

    iMovie 09 uses 'single field processing' meaning every other horizontal line of the video is thrown out, which reduces the sharpness of the footage. iMovie 06 uses ALL of the image to form the video.

    iMovie 06 and iDVD is a "lossless" combination.

    iMovie 09 is a wonderful program assuming that you're using it for what it was designed to do, assemble videos to share on the Internet.
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    Karsten is right (he usually is!) but there is, as always, a workaround:

    Uninstall iLife 9, ensuring that you remove all traces of iMovie 9 in particular.

    Install iMovie 6.0.3, ensuring that it resides at the top level of your applications folder, i.e. where you would normally put it and where the installer puts it.

    Now install iLife 9. You will find that iMovie 6 has been moved to a folder in your applications folder called iMovie Previous Version.

    The two will now happily co-exist and you can use either or both at will.

    My will is to only use iMovie 6, as I never make small videos for YouTube.
  • Ho Lee MACkeral Level 4 (2,185 points)
    Klaus1 wrote:
    My will is to only use iMovie 6, as I never make small videos for YouTube.

    iMovie 09 is perfect for YouTube.