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Hi, I recently bought a new iPhone 3GS and I am having trouble charging it. When I connect the phone to the original charger via original usb cable it starts to charge the battery but after 15-20 % charged it halts and shows yellow triangle on screen and displays the following message: Charging is not supported by this accessory. If I unplug it and plug it in again it will continue to charge for another 20% and than the same thing happens. I tried different USB cable but it's all the same. If I try to charge iPhone through the USB (any USB ports) on my computer same thing happens as well. Just disconnecting and connecting device does not have any effect. Only after switching phone completely off and than on makes charging work for some minutes via computer USB.
Could you please advice me what could cause this and how to solve the problem. Tahnks!
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    I had that happen one time with my iPhone charging cable and charger. I reseated the cable in the iPhone and the problem went away.

    But it sounds like you've done more than that. I would expect a defective connector in the iPhone itself -- a problem Apple must resolve.

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    If you are in the US, I would make an appointment at the Genius Bar - http://apple.com/retail/geniusbar
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    Thanks for quick reply.
    Unfortunately I'm outside US. Will try to call telephone support tomorrow.
    To me it feels like some software issue rather than hardware but maybe I'm wrong.
    I heard that iPhone has this issue with car chargers/3rd party chargers, but not the original one. Has somebody else experienced same problem?
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    Since your problem happens with the provided AC supply and a computer usb port, I don't think the reported issues with car chargers are related. There have been few if any problems reported like yours.

    Best is to call Apple support and get their advice. You could do a Restore if you think it's a software problem.

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    Have you solved your problem yet or made any head way as what is really wrong? This is the closest thread to what is happening with my iphone...I pre ordered the iphone3gs in June with a lot of excitement...this is my first iphone and I'm really frusturated because it never charges! Whenever I put my usb charger into the wall and plug my iphone in, it never starts to charge, i could try a million different outlets and get lucky if it starts charging...This happened when I first bought it and I just thought oh well maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I've bought another charger and it hasn't helped if anything things are getting worse, I even have trouble charging my iphone through my macbook...HELP! Do you think that the apple store will help me or replace my iphone?
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    I had the same Problem with my new 3GS and tried several chargers, as we have 3 3GS in the family and none worked. I restarted both my Mac book Pro and 3GS and found that to do the trick. Thank god I bought the insurance at Best Buy. Their's is 14.95 and it covers everything except for if its stolen or lost.
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    Sorry for late reply.
    Problem is solved.
    1) Phone charger was damaged (I tested another one and it worked)...so I got it replaced under warranty.
    2) USB charging did not worked correctly, cause of underpowered front USB port (probably) I plugged it in the back of my computer and it newer shows the error message again.
    P.S. Strange coincidence that both USB and charger did not worked, so I almost blamed phone software or hardware.
    3) Apple support for iPhone in Latvia is terrible. I called the support number provided in Apple webpage...and it went like this..."Support for iPhone press key No.X" ...I pressed the key and what a surprise..."We do not provide support for iPhone by phone in your country" (or something like this..."Please call your mobile phone service provider". (couldn't it be easier to write instructions where to call already on the website not to provide me with a phone number without any use?)...called my phone company..."We do not know anything about technical problems, please call the shop you brought your phone from"...called the shop..."You have to call our service company"...
    At the end service company replaced the charger buy I spent a lot of useless time and had to call a lot of instances trying to figure out what to do...

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