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On my new Mac Pro the G-Raid3 will not mount in eSATA. It's fine in 800 Firewire. Out of the box it was set for Apple Partition Map and worked fine on my previous Intel Mac Pro on the same eSATA card.

Suddenly on the new MacPro it doesn't mount. G-Technology told me I have to repartition it as GUID. They said I have to select "Free Space" first and then proceed normally. (It's a 3-TB drive Raided internally.)

Now I checked a Time Machine backup disk I am using on my laptop. That also is Apple Partition. The laptop itself is GUID.

If we're going to keep up to date in an Intel world, is it wise to get all the drives into GUID format?

And what about Free Space? Should that be chosen every time? Why not just OS X Journaled?

Unibody 17 matte, Mac Pro Quad core, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Check on TimeMachine specs, I thought it req'd GPT(GUID).

    GPT is a better 'modern' partition format and features.

    I've never been much of a fan or in favor of multi-interface, handy for home users.

    G-Tech's advice. The only way to change a drive to GPT from APM is

    click on drive (not volume partition)
    change from "current partition" to anything else, ie, "free space"
    So that the OPTIONS.... will be available at the bottom.
    Click OPTIONS
    change to GUID and click APPLY
    Change partitions to what you need. Mac OS Extended (journaling)
    Click Apply.
    Destroys any data.

    Things that worked in older Mac Pro may need firmware or driver updates. So your controller might - and please include things like what controller you use.

  • Eddie Strauss Level 3 (990 points)
    Thank you for your quick and very helpful reply. The controller is also G-Tech. It has 4 eSATA ports and came with the G-Speed es 4-TB unit that is made into RAID 5 for 3-TB storage. The G-Raid3 is 3TB and is used for backup for that.

    I have downloaded the latest software or driver from their site. When they were telling me to redo the Partition as GUID they seemed to feel I was good to go. They know I am using their card.

    TimeMachine has been doing it's thing on an APM drive for a long time. Don't mind changing it over and starting again - if that is good advice.