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Release 3.0 of the iPhone software added A2DP - and made me invest in a bluetooth interface for my car stereo: The Blaupunkt "Bluetooth/USB Interface". That should give me handsfree/speakerphone functionality, as well as A2DP audio streaming through the speakers of my car stereo.

With my old phone ((Palm Treo 680, Softick Audio Gateway for A2DP), everything works flawlessly, so the interface seems to work alright.

With the iPhone, I am experiencing plenty of problems:

1 - Problems switching bluetooth on or off. I switch it off - and magically, a few seconds later, it's on again.

2 - Sometimes, after switching off the interface (= leaving the car), the iPhone does not release the connection: Bluetooth logo is still blue, phone does not ring/beep - only vibrates. Only restarting the phone disconnects it properly

3 - Often, the interface does not show as "connected" on the iPhone, but I see the spinning pinwheel next to the name in the list of trusted devices

4 - Since I upgraded to 3.0.1, the microphone channel does not work anymore: I can hear people talking, but they can't hear me. At the same time, keys pressed on the phone are not transmitted (e. g. my reply to a "Press '1' to send your voice message". I press "1", but the receiving end does not seem to "hear" me pressing the key. People not hearing me renders the whole setup pretty useless...

5 - A2DP streaming: Works, but only for ~15-20 seconds. First I get drop-outs in the sound, then the stream stops altogether. I have to redirect the music to the internal speaker, and then go to bluetooth A2DP streaming again to hear the next 20 seconds.

Does anybody have experienced similar problems and found a way around them? Or, do I just have to wait for Apple to improve the software?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), + iPhone 3G 3.0.1
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    I've had no problem with A2DP connections. So it's likely at the other end of the connection. There's probably nothing for Apple to fix.
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    As of yesterday after I installed OS 3.0.1 my SMS (Messages) program is acting funny. If I want to write a new message and click the "+" key to type to look for a new name as receiver, and hit the first letter key, such as "A", the large A appears but remains "standing" for quite awhile, much too slow for an iPhone (haha) and I cannot type the following letter until it finally returns to it's original position. If the receiver name is used from my address list, no problem. This didn't seem to be the case before 3.0.1. Any help or answers? Thanks in advance. D
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    Hi, I have a similar problem, though I confess I haven't tried it with the 3.0.1 upgrade. However with 3.0 I could use the blaupunkt bluetooth adaptor for hands free (as I could before 3.0) but it still wouldnt stream music. I couldnt get the ipod to even recognise it as an output option. Therefore I am interested to hear that you got at least a few seconds out of it.

    Have you made any progress? Based on you getting some streaming out of it I am tempted to plug the adaptor back in for another attempt.


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    I've got problems with A2DP between my iphone & blaupunkt bluetooth interface.
    When I first bought the interface the A2DP worked as soon as my iphone was paired, which was surprising! Then I updated the firmware of the interface and loaded a configuration file applicable for my headunit (NAV56E), and now I have lost A2DP completely.
    The iphone works very well with the phone call side of things, including contact names to the headunit which was a bonus...but if I play a track on the iphone no option to A2DP. Very annoying as it did work before I updated the firmware.

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    I have the same problem with AD2P.

    The newest SW is on both installed, but the audio streaming doesn´t work.

    Any ideas?
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    Hello guys, I have the same problem, too
    Running on IPhone OS 3.0, I have an service request running at blaupunkt
    hope to get some news from them. But in the moment the only way to stream music over A2DP is with an optional bluetooth plug, which I used before the new 3.0 OS comes out. The only back draw is that I could not connect both system at the same time with the blaupunkt bluetooth/usb adaptor, so I could listen to music or when I reactivate bluetooth I could use my handsfree profile
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    Hello guys,
    for me the story with the blaupunkt bluetooth is over.
    I talked with the blaupunkt support and they said that the device is out of support and they never ever will release an update or an fix for our problems.
    Finally i could say, after two weeks of using this, *please don't buy it*, it makes only problems.
    Soner or later every one gets some problems with this device, I think
    Now I will try an bury 9060 and I hope do get better results with this carkit.
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    Can I check with you if you have this problem..

    I assume you have paired the iPhone 3GS to the headsets.
    First, play something on the iPod.
    Then go to the Bluetooth settings page where you can see all the paired devices.
    after that, make a connection to the carkit.
    Is there any stuttering or audio breaking you hear from the headsets?

    I have this problem with my iTech BluebandR headset and iSkin Cerulean RX. I only found this problem with iPhone 3GS but it worked fine with 3G.
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    All is not lost....
    Since updateing to OS 3.1 on my iPhone 3G, my iPhone has been connecting to my Blaupunkt Bluetooth/USB adapter streaming music via bluetooth flawlessly!
    Infact too well....as soon as it automatically pairs it opens up the iPod functionality and starts playing!!! You can stop it of course if you only want the iPhone connected for phone calls, music via USB/CD or Radio.
    It also streams when playing movies on the iphone, and also when using co-pilot live sat nav.
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    I have just bought an iPhone 3G. I have OS 3.1 installed.

    I try to pair it with my Sony Xplod car stereo, but the iPhone bluetooth setting just spins for a while, then turns back off.

    I have tried every imaginable possibility, but no go. A cheap cell phone with blue tooth pairs immediately with the Sony Xplod. My iPhone doesn't seem to even have bluetooth; it simply doesn't work, and won't even turn on.

    The support people here from Claro (the Brazilian cell company I bought the phone from) tell me that the iPhone 3G with OS 3.1 does NOT support A2DP.

    Yet I'm reading on this thread, and others, that people with the 3G and OS 3 ARE using bluetooth, albeit with problems.

    Can some one enlighten me? I admit I'm an Apple fan, and have been for decades, but this is really hard to swallow.
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    iPhone 3GS/Blaupunkt MP68 head unit - i've posted on some other threads but this seems a current discussion.

    When i first got the phone it worked perfectly - streaming option when connected via bluetooth and could switch between a2dp and speakers.

    Since the last software update this is broken. Phone calls still seem to work ok but streaming does not. Will try to ring Blaupunkt as it's a current model on their website and capable of software updates but i'm not too hopeful. BT seems to be more of a guideline than a standard - the fact that it worked before suggests apple may be messing around.
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    It's working.

    Having read the latest posts here where OS 3.1 seemed to be working I plugged my bluetooth module back in and it worked straight off! I hadn't installed the latest firmware from the German site at this stage.

    Issues I did have were:
    Playing Ipod as soon as connected.
    Volume not loud enough.

    I updated to the latest firmware 12/08 and the volume issue has gone away but the ipod still plays whether you want it or not. I consoled myself with the fact my CD would play straight off too.... Is there a fix for this?

    As stated in above post, streaming music, video audio and copilot all very acceptable. If it keeps on working like this I'll be happy.

    Do you think there are any additional parameters that can be adjusted with the config.txt file? I used the config general file as this seemed to include some A2DP specific settings my previous didn't.
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    Still no luck for me with the newest iPhone firmware on the Blaupunkt MP68. This is a current head unit as well.

    I've not had any luck getting in touch with Blaupunkt - the UK phone line gave me an engineer who promised to pass on my query to Germany but i've not heard back (and he'd not heard of other problems). An email to Germany went unanswered.

    Does anyone have
    - a useful contact email for Blaupunkt on this?
    - the best way of contacting Apple for support?