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I am trying to playback video found at the Internet Archives, and when I try to open .mp4s I get an error from quicktime saying that it can't open these files due to an unknown error. I am running quicktime 6.5.2. I think these files might need a divx codec. Is there any way I can get a divx codec plugin for quicktime. It needs to be a lightweight codec as I am running on an imac g3. Any ideas.

iMac G3 233 MHZ Tray-Loader, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    There may be a later QuickTime player available for Panther
    10.3.9; some indications suggest there may be one.

    Have you tried VLC Player? (They have an older version
    on their download site for Panther 10.3.9, needs QT 7.x)

    VLC media player for Mac OS X:

    There are web browser plugins for 10.3.x & 10.4.x
    in addition to the VLC versions for both OS X. Note
    the 10.3.9 last player requires QuickTime 7.x.

    There are other free and share ware options than
    just running QuickTime alone to open some files.

    Good luck & happy computing!