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Since upgrading to Safari 4 a while ago, Safari simply hasn't been able to handle moving GIF images. While one is on the screen, it lags out the browser (which otherwise works quite well). Even once the spinning beach-ball of doom goes away, the GIF still plays really slowly and continues to lag out the browser until it is no longer on the visible page.

The same GIFs work without issue or lag on Firefox, and I believe that they worked fine on the old version of Safari.

I have tried Golden Shoes' suggestions posted on many topics for enhancing the speed of Safari, and none of it has worked, though I think that those were more for overall performance rather than this specific issue.

Any suggestions? Is this a fundamental issue with Safari's programming? Because I'd really rather not have to switch over to Firefox for my primary browser if I don't have to.

Black Mackbook August 2006, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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