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huskerfan8765 Level 1 (0 points)
I have some wma protected audiobooks that say they are ipod compatible, so I followed their instructions to put on my ipod and it said it was protected. Is there a way to get them on my ipod?

dell, Windows XP, classic 120gb
  • Jeff Bryan Level 9 (61,790 points)
    The iPod cannot play wma files of any kind.
  • Ben Schmidt Level 4 (1,495 points)
    AFAIK, Microsoft prohibits DRM aka 'protected' WMA files from playing under any OS but Windows. But you can still play them on your Mac hardware using an emulated Windows environment, such as http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion or http://www.parallels.com (or even by booting into a Windows partition using Apple's Boot Camp.)

    For example, my public library uses the OverDrive Media Console software to deliver audio books in DRM-protected WMA format. I play still play these DRM-protected WMA format files on my MacBook, as long as I run the OverDrive Media Console software under Windows XP using VMWare Fusion.

    Depending on the specific Audio book license, OverDrive Media Console's webpage says WMA content can also be transferred to portable players, including iPods. This would need to be done from within the Windows environment. The requirements seem onerous:


    including formatting the iPod for Windows, and so I have not yet tried it.
  • GLNHP Level 3 (850 points)
    Just to reiterate what Jeff Bryan said above, WMA files are not supported on the iPod. However, according to OverDrive (if these are OverDrve supplied files), certain files can be converted and saved to "Apple devices". From the OverDrive web site:

    *In OverDrive Media Console v3.2 (or newer), check whether a title that you have already downloaded can be converted for and transferred to an Apple device by following these three steps:

    1. In OverDrive Media Console, highlight the desired title and press Alt+Enter.
    The 'Properties' dialog box is displayed.
    2. Hold down the Shift key and press the right arrow key twice to display the 'License' tab.
    'License details' for the selected title are displayed. The 'Transfer to Apple® device' field indicates whether the title can be transferred to an Apple device.
    3. Press the Escape key to close the 'Properties' dialog box.

    So, the answer is, if you are dealing with OverDrive audioBooks and if the license allows it, the file should be convertible to a format that is compatible with the iPod (likely either MP3 or AAC).